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11. Ballet goes good

10. John and Biff get changed

9. The first period is ballet

8. Kiss, Kiss

7. At School

6. John goes to School (Alt)

5. Princessification

4. Taking it Further

3. A town of crossdressers

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Princess John: Ballet so good

on 2024-06-30 20:35:41

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TF Unaware

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Stepping into the gym, John could feel his heart beating a mile a minute. Trying his best to keep the feelings within from bursting forth, that was easier said than done. Yet when his gaze fell upon his beloved Biff, none of that seemed to matter in the slightest.

"Better?" Biff cooed and John nodded. Then it's back ahead to the ballet teacher. A rather tall, slender man, he was dressed much like they and the other students were. Gaze split between all of them, he taken the time to do his hair and makeup in an immaculate, regal fashion.

"I trust that you're all here?" the teacher announced and watched his pupils nod. Cracking a smile, then came the actual practice. What followed was a mix of stretches, practicing in front of the bar and of course, dancing about the gym. That was the most important part, after all.

For John and Biff, it was business as usual. Doing their best to match their classmates, that was just part of the fun as being a princess. A far cry from whatever junk that the girls had to do for one reason or another.

"I hope today is the day that they give out roles." one of their classmates announced and John looked their way. Staring for a couple seconds, his gaze returned to Biff. Getting a shrug from his boyfriend, that was a good enough response here.

"Do you want to hang out after school?" Biff inquired and John nodded. That sounded quite amazing. Not that he could think of anything in particular to do. Perhaps an idea of what he wanted to do would come to him during class and then he could act upon it. Yeah, that sounded nice.

"Works for me." he cooed as class finished up.

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