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12. The First-Day Approaches

11. 30 Minutes Later

10. Sunday Evening

9. Sunday Afternoon

8. Family Reunion

7. Size Matters

6. Well

5. Rebecca

4. The Rules

3. The bet

2. Parallels

1. The Drafting Board

Parallels: The First-Day Approaches

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The two friends spent the evening chatting as much as they had before the events of the last half hour.

“I think it's time for me to go to bed I have work to go to in the morning,” Joseph announced a few hours later.

“Oh sorry, Joe I wasn’t looking at the time as I have tomorrow off,” Lilly told him apologetically

“Don’t worry about it. I only just noticed the time myself.” Joseph in reply. He had almost forgotten what had happened earlier but as he stood up the events of that evening came flooding back to him as he felt his newly enhanced chest move once again.

“Don’t forget to set your alarm for half past six tomorrow morning. It will take you a little longer to get to your office in the morning from here.” Lilly reminded him.

“It won’t take that long Lilly I have my car parked outside. It should only take me an extra half hour tomorrow. “ Joseph told her.

“I know but it will take us a little longer to get you ready in the morning. You haven’t forgotten about your bet already have you?” She asked him.

“How could I?” He said pointing towards his chest.

“Trust me I know what I am talking about and it will be the last time I can help you under the terms of your bet.” Lilly reminded him.

“I suppose so. See you in the morning at half past six then.” Joseph said as he walked towards the room he would be spending the night in.

“I left something for you to sleep in. You probably forgot to bring anything.” Lilly shouted after her friend who couldn’t see the grin on her face.

“Thanks, Lilly,” Joseph shouted back realizing that she was right. He hadn’t brought anything to sleep in, this was mostly due to the fact that he slept in his underwear and a t-shirt every night.

He reached the room and found his sleepwear for the night on the bed as Lilly had promised. However, it was a set of her pyjamas. Just like Lilly, he thought to try one last joke before he went to bed. He picked up the clothes and sat them next to the bed and took his shoes and socks off but left his jeans and the new T-shirt on and lay down on the bed. He had brought one of his work outfits with him for the morning, even though his Uncle owned the business he needed to obey the dress code that all the other employees had to obey. He was already getting some leeway to allow for the bet but he still had to confirm with the rest of it. He set his alarm and turned out the light and tried to get some sleep.


“Good Morning All this is Hits FM. It's 6.31 in the morning time to rise and shine.” Joseph heard coming from the other room. The happy DJ was the first sound he heard.

“Morning Joe I put a pot of coffee on should be ready if you want a cup?” He heard Lilly’s voice coming from beyond the door to the room.

It had taken him some time to be able to get to sleep the night before due to his new chest. Lilly's idea, he thought. She had interpreted the rules of the bet between him and his sister in a way that he had not. If it had been anyone else other than Lilly he would have demanded that she stop what she was doing but she was helping him. So he didn’t do that. It had taken him too long to work out what was happening. Yesterday had been a long day.

“I will be there in a minute Lilly.” He shouted as he stood up and put back on his socks and shoes to once again complete the outfit he had arrived in the night before.

“Great I will pour you a cup,” Lilly replied from the kitchen.

A short time later the two friends were sitting in the kitchen enjoying their morning coffee. “So today is the big day then.” Lilly smiled at Joseph.

“Yeah, I supposed so although it sort of started last night.” He replied.

“That was just a practice run,” Lilly told him with her thousand-watt smile.

She is just off a run of night shifts how can she be so smiley at this time of the morning Joseph wondered to himself.

“It's great to have someone to share the house with again even if it is only for a few hours. I didn’t realize how empty this place had been with Susan gone for the last few days. Lilly said as if answering Joseph's unasked question

“Never thought of it that way. I have been living on my own for the last few years now I guess I just got used to it I suppose.” He told his friend.

“You have been on your own for too long now Joe. It's about time we found you a good girl or boy depending on what you like.” Lilly said gently prodding her friend.

“Lilly” Came Joseph's reply.

“Only joking Joe, only joking.” She replied smiling.

“This is Hits FM and it's 7.25 and now it's time for some weather.” Came the voice of the DJ

“Time for your shower Joe. Don’t worry about your new chest they are waterproof.” Lilly said to her friend gently nudging him towards the bathroom.

Joseph found the shower strange due to his enhancements. Try as he might he could not see the join between his chest and the stuff that Lilly had added. She really knew what she was doing he thought. That year working in that clinic must have helped. She had made a lot of friends there with both the patients and staff, some of them she still kept in touch with. That was how she had been able to get a hold of these things at such short notice he thought looking down at his chest once more as he finished his shower.

He started to get dressed just as Lilly walked into the spare room. “Lilly” was his shocked utterance

“Oh don’t worry Joe I am a professional after all.” She said smiling once again.

“I know but I thought you would let me get dressed before coming in,” Joseph told her.

“What let you get dressed without my help? No no after all you are here to get my help aren't you?” She asked.

“Yeah, I suppose so,” Joseph replied unable to fault her logic.

She shooed the shirtless Joseph into her bedroom and reached into a bag that lay beside her bed. She pulled out a plain white bra. “Here we go. Now just like last night.” She told him as she began to show him how to put it on.

“like that?” Joseph asked.

“Just like that Joe, you are a quick study,” Lilly said with a smile on her face.

“Nah I just had a good teacher.” He said to his friend.

“I will take that. Now I have another present for you.” Lilly told him as she reached into her closet.

“You have already done enough Lilly you don’t need to do anything more,” Joseph said to her, intrigued as to what she had got him. Not that he would tell her that.

“Don’t be silly Joe. Besides this will come in useful trust me.” Lilly told as she continued to rummage through her closet.

Too late to stop her now he thought besides he didn’t want to seem ungrateful. She had given a lot of her Sunday evening to him help even though things hadn’t quite gone the way he thought they were going to.

“Ah, there it is,” Lilly said as she pulled out a coat hanger with a plastic cover over it. She took the cover off it to reveal what to Joseph looked like a normal white dress shirt.

“It looks great Lilly but I brought a shirt with me,” Joseph said looking at the hanger trying not to disappoint his friend.

“I am sure you did Joe but I don’t think it will fit you and your new chest anymore.” Came the smiling reply.

Joseph thought back to last night when he had to put on the woman's t-shirt that Lilly had supplied as his own shirt would not fit him after his new chest had developed. He gave an involuntary shudder with that thought as he began to realize what Lilly was showing him.

“Oh sorry Joe I didn’t think it was that cold in here but you are sitting with no shirt. Let’s sort that out right now.” She said taking the cover and shirt off the hanger and starting to help Joseph put on the Pink Cotton Stretch Fitted Shirt.

Joseph could not think of a way of stopping his friend from dressing him in the shirt. Anything that he thought of would only upset her and that was the last thing wanted to do.

Once he had it on he could see the differences between this and his regular shirt. To get over the shock of realizing that what Lilly was saying was right, he let his analytical brain take over. He started to focus on the differences between shirts for men and women. Shirts for women are cut and sewed shapely to fit, whereas men’s shirts online are cut straight from top to bottom. This is because both men and women have similar body structures.

However because women are curvy, their shirts are straight from the top and bend at the waist. Darts are also used to shape and fit women’s shirts. Women’s fitted shirts, in particular, are sewn with extra space or allowance in the chest region to accommodate their bust he thought. Something he realized for the week ahead he would need because of what Lilly had done.

Men’s shirts are not made this way, but some may fit snugly on a similar-sized wearer. This is because it’s sewed tighter to work correctly, rather than curvy like a women’s shirt.

Something else he noticed was the use of sleeves. Female shirts have a slightly different arm cut where the armpit is on the sleeve. Depending on the shirt, female sleeves are usually tighter and more fitted than the shirts he usually wore to work.

He stood up and looked into the mirror across from the bed.

“I will leave you on your own for a moment,” Lilly said as she got up to walk out of the room.

“No, it's ok Lilly. I just didn’t think that things would go this far when I made this bet with Jo last week.” He told her as he turned to look her in the face.

“You could cancel it you know. I can talk to Joanne for you if you want." She asked him.

“No, it's gone this far I have to go through with it. I just think everything through I suppose. I just thought I would wear the bra and that would be all. I guess I didn’t really think it through, I only thought about getting one over Jo.” Joseph told his friend.

“You and your sister I will never get the fighting between you two. I know you love each other but you always seem to be fighting.” Lilly said looking at Joseph with a look that asked why without the word being used.

“It’s just a brother-sister thing but I suppose all siblings are like that. I guess it's been like that since we were kids and we haven’t grown out of it yet.” Joseph explained.

“Well, as long as no one gets hurt it's okay then I suppose,” Lilly said still trying to understand why Joseph and his sister always seemed to be in the middle of some kind of fight whenever she saw them. They were both her friends even if sometimes she couldn’t understand them.

“No one ever has, we would never let things go that far,” Joseph reassured her.

“Do you know something Joe those breasts look good on you,” Lilly told him trying to lighten the mood once more.

“Lilly.” Was all he could think of to say.

“That shirt fits you perfectly, I thought it would she said as she reached into her closet and passed him the jacket that she had obtained from inside it.

“I am to wear all of the contents of your closet?” Joseph asked her smiling face.

“Of course not it’s just that the shirt and jacket will fit your new figure better than your original choices would have. Did you not learn anything from last night.” She explained.

Joseph put the jacket on and it fit him in much the same way the shirt did. He now remembered why he had asked Lilly for a loan of her uniform for that party a few years back. They were very close in size and build. As he was finding out that morning they still were.

“Here is the travel on this Monday morning at 7.55.” Came the DJ’s voice from the other room.

“Shit is that the time? I had better get going, Lilly, or I will be late.” Joseph said as he went to grab his car keys and wallet and head for the door.

“Good luck. Come over after work so you can tell me how it went.” She shouted after him.

“Will do” He shouted back as the door closed behind him.

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