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11. 30 Minutes Later

10. Sunday Evening

9. Sunday Afternoon

8. Family Reunion

7. Size Matters

6. Well

5. Rebecca

4. The Rules

3. The bet

2. Parallels

1. The Drafting Board

Parallels: 30 Minutes Later

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“Ok, Joe you can let go now,” Lilly said just after the alarm on her phone sounded.

“Great my arms were getting painful in that position. Can I sit up yet?” He asked.

“Not just yet I need to check a few things first,” Lilly told him as she stood up.

“Like what?” he asked.

Yet again it seemed that she had not heard him as she moved towards him and started to look closely at both sides of his chest.

“Lilly?” Joseph said appearing to interrupt her train of thought.

“Oh sorry honey. Sometimes I just get caught up in my work. You can sit up but do it slowly” she told him.

“Yes, nurse.” He answered as he rose slower than he ever had in all of his 28 years. As started to sit upright he felt his chest move in a way that he was not used to.

“It is normal,” Lilly said as if she was once again reading his mind.

By now Joseph was sitting with his feet almost touching the floor and his hands steadying himself on the edge of the bed. He was resisting the temptation that was running through his head to grab the weight that was now pulling at his chest.

“It's ok Joe you can feel them if you want to,” Lilly told him.

Her words had given him all the permission that he needed or was going to get he raised his hands from the edge of the bed to his chest and felt where the weight was coming from.

“Lilly what did you do?” he asked knowing full well what he now had hanging from his chest.

“What Joanne asked me to do. Help you with your bet,” Lilly told him

“I thought that you were getting something that would sit inside the bra not be attached to me,” Joseph said trying not to sound as shaken up as he was.

“Well, Joanne said that Any items needed by the wearer. That’s you, by the way, needed to do the job that it was intended to do. If I remember right. What she said right” Lilly told him looking confused as to why he was sounding shocked by what she had done.

“Well, that is one part of the bet but still doesn’t explain this,” Joseph said lifting his new attributes towards her.

“One of the things a bra is meant to do is to support the weight of the wearer's breasts. As you didn’t have any weight for it to support I provided it. That way it helps you meet the terms of the bet. Unless you were planning on cheating. You weren’t going to cheat were you Joe?” She asked her friend.

“Of course, I wasn’t going to cheat,” Joseph answered.

“Now let's get a bra on you before you make me rethink what I said about you not having the right equipment earlier,” Lilly said with a grin on her face. She turned and reached inside one of the bags at the side of the bed. She pulled out a plain white bra and handed it to Joseph.

“Lilly could you give me a hand to put this thing on.” He said looking at her with a dejected look on his face.

“Easier taking them off than putting one on is it Joe? Don’t worry I won’t tell Joanne besides your bet doesn’t start until tomorrow.” Lilly said to him with a smile on her face.

“Yeah, it starts tomorrow and lasts until the end of the week.” He told her as Lilly took the bra from his hand.

“That’s why I wanted you to stay the night. I wanted to help you prepare for your week ahead. First, let's get this thing on you. Turn around the bra, then fasten the clips. Yeah just like that.” Lilly said to her student as Joseph did what she told him.

“Now spin it around and put your breast in the cups.” She went on to say.

“Lilly could you not call these things that?” Joseph asked her.

“Why ever not Joe? They are a part of you now, well at least until I use the solvent on them.” Lilly told him.

“What?” was Joseph's only response.

“Never mind that now let us finish getting you comfortable. Now you have them in the cups put your arms through the straps. Now pull them all the way up to your shoulders.” Lilly decided to take it easy on him even though it was his fault. If this had been any other man she would have made him suffer because of his comments. It was Joseph though, he was forever getting himself into trouble. Nothing serious though, one of these days he would think before he acted essentially if his sister was involved. He and Joanne were always winding each other up and this was just the latest in a long line of such things. She was surprised that their uncle had let it get this far. Maybe he was just teaching him a lesson about when to keep his mouth shut. She knew there would be no problem for Joseph at work tomorrow after all it was his uncle's company. If there was a problem Joseph wouldn’t be sitting in her spare room with a bra holding his newly attached breasts.

“Is that right?” Came the dejected voice from in front of her.

This brought Lilly back to the present and out of her head. She looked over at Joseph. “Almost perfect. I will finish it off for just now.” She said as she straightened the straps on Joseph's shoulders.”

“Can I put my shirt back on now? Joseph asked feeling a little self-conscious.

For the first time that week he was beginning to realize what he had gotten himself into. He knew that the only way out of this would be to admit defeat to his sister. If he did so she would never let him forget it and he would be out £100 as well. No, he would not give her the satisfaction. He would make it through the week. He knew he could do it, this was just a bit of a shock to him that’s all. He should have known if Lilly had gotten involved that she would go above and beyond to follow the rules. She was like that, she always played by the rules it was one of the reasons she was such a good friend.

She balanced his rebellious streak and over the years that they had been friends she had kept him out of trouble more than once. This time however her by-the-book approach had taken things a step further than he thought.

“Sorry, Joe I don’t think that your old shirt will make it over your 36D chest. So here is one I prepared earlier.” Lilly said as she reached into another bag and pulled out a black piece of cloth.

Joseph knew better than to argue with her. He took the cloth from her hand and unfolded it. Doing this revealed a black t-shirt for some band he had never heard of. He could see from the design of it that it was a woman's shirt. He looked up at Lilly as if to say Really you want me to wear this.

“I am going to make us a fresh coffee, I expect to see you in your new top in the sitting room by the time it's ready,” Lilly Told him answering the unasked question.

Joseph wondered how she did that. She always seemed to know what he was going to say. He had wondered over the years of their friendship if she was physic but he never asked her about it. He picked up the T-shirt and put it on. He did have a little problem when it came to getting passed his newly enhanced chest but he managed it. He stood up to meet her in the sitting room as he did he felt his chest move in a way that it had never done before. He tried to ignore it as he went to rejoin his friend.

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