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25. being Carl

24. Reality Bytes (2)

23. Options

22. More than you can imagine

21. Explanations

20. Wake up

19. Trouble

18. War

17. Enter Fight

16. Explanations

15. French Maid

14. Profession

13. Destination unknown

12. More Details

11. The Outside World

10. from Good Luck

9. Good Luck

8. Try the MAP out

7. my MAP

6. Entering Starting Point

being Carl

on 2024-06-26 14:37:37
Episode last modified by what1 on 2024-06-28 02:51:21

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Age Body_Swap

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Sitting here in front of Carl’s parents feels surreal. They have no idea their son isn’t really their son anymore. because Now I’m stuck in his tiny body with him being dead i think, and he’s ridiculously small, like as small as a 8-year-old in an 11-year-old’s life. Sure, they didn’t lie about his age, but he looks way younger than he is. Apparently, he’s some kind of prodigy too! and i guess that is how he plays that game.

and this all happened Last night, it felt like it was straight out of a nightmare. Some guys calling them self's the sage's, transferred me into Carl’s body, claiming it was my only chance to survive with my own body being mostly dead already.

and god, Waking up and seeing a little kid in the mirror was a shock. and now sitting here eating Carl’s cereal—well, my cereal now—felt off. I tried to smile and answer his... my new dad’s questions about what I’m learning in school today. what means i am going to Middle school again! But this time in New Mexico, and now I’m clearly mixed race, part Mexican with light brown skin and dark eyes, and it seems this bodys mom is where it is from with her deffently being Mexican with this body's dad being white and bold.

The thought of going through middle school all over again is exhausting, especially since I’ll probably be the smallest kid there. But there might still be a way out of this. I messaged Suzie, hoping she’d believe a message from a random number, and sent a pic of the new me in Carl’s fancy clothes. The perks of this life with being rich what seems id the only perk about all of this, I guess mine... or should i still think of it as Carl’s, but what ever this bodys room is massive, filled with clothes, toys, and sports gear. It’s unlike any room I’ve ever seen. His—my—mom? is kind but quiet but only has been loving to me. but Carls... My new dad is overbearing thow, with all morning talking how i need to push my self at school. I just nodded and say, “Yes, Dad,” while munching on the sugary cereal, what was tasting great with maybe this new body is still at the age where sherger is amazing?

and the Sages have messaged me too. With Carl’s phone now in my possession, and I found the messaging app from the game. They want to talk to me in game after school, so there’s a glimmer of hope that this could get this sorted out, i looked up to try and find any info about my old body dieing on the news, but have not seen anything so i guess that is good... right?

So for now, I have to play the part of Carl. and seeing My new mom noticed I finished my breakfast and she said, “Okay, honey, I’ll clean up your bow. and you go brush your teeth, and then I’ll take you to school today ok?”

I forced a smile, feeling completely out of place still in this unfamiliar body and life, pretending to be a kid who’s several years younger than me. Trying to act normal around people I’ve never met in my life. but found my self saying, “Thanks, Mom,” and headed to the bathroom connected to my new room. and knowing Showering can wait an till it is needed. with being in this small young body is freaking me out! and defiantly don't want to see what it looks like naked.

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