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15. Back to Jon and Karyn

14. A Lecture in the Car

13. Over to Sarah

12. Consulting the Stone

11. Distractions

10. Fog in his Head

9. Person at the Door

8. Meanwhile, with Steve...

7. Approval and Disapproval

6. Behind Closed Doors

5. New Management?

4. School Assembly

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

The Sisterhood: Back to Jon and Karyn

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"So Jon-boy, we're here at the mall, anything look different?"

Jon took in the look of the mall and was floored by how different it looked. He walked over to a nearby map.

"Well for one," Jon replied. "It's got two extra floors, and the number of stores has gone up. And so many of these are different from what we had before. I mean, I've never even heard of some of these stores."

"Well about ten years back, this place got bought by a big developer. A lot of construction work happened after, and a lot of smaller stores moved to the new commercial district for Lake Point. Throw in a lot of newer stores and businesses, and here we are." Karyn explained.

“Before the wish, this mall used to be a lot more remote. I'm surprised you know what happened back then. Weren’t we six or seven back when all this was going on?"

"Mom followed all this as it was happening and was looking forward to it, so I learned a lot by proxy." Karyn shrugged.

“Right, well what sort of shops are there now?” Jon asked.

“Well, there’s a lot of different clothing stores, boutiques and stuff now, and there’s a couple of salons here that are pretty damn good. I may not be as much of a girly girl as Sarah and her friends, but even I’ve got to admit those places make you feel amazing when you’re done. My Dad swears by the barber that’s on the third floor.”

“Sounds like a lot of stuff targeting women.” Jon replied.

“Little bit, yeah. It’s something like half the places target women, maybe a third target men, and the rest are all the other stuff.” Karyn explained. “I mean, look around, there’s tons of women here. Guys are a rare thing in this place, since a lot of the shops for them are out in the rest of the district.”

Jon looked around at the various crowds and realised just how few men he could actually see.

“Damn, you’re right.” He said, surprised.

“Yeah, so anyway, want to take a look around, see what’s here?” Karyn asked.

“Sure. Maybe we can find something new that we both find interesting.” Jon replied. “Let’s start with…”

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