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14. A Lecture in the Car

13. Over to Sarah

12. Consulting the Stone

11. Distractions

10. Fog in his Head

9. Person at the Door

8. Meanwhile, with Steve...

7. Approval and Disapproval

6. Behind Closed Doors

5. New Management?

4. School Assembly

3. The Next Morning

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

The Sisterhood: Susan's Lecture

avatar on 2022-03-22 17:31:37
Episode last modified by Tenkuu23 on 2022-04-01 10:24:20

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"OK, we're in the car. What the hell is going on?!" Sarah asked, confused. "There's a guy in the backseat who may as well be a woman from the neck down, and he's going to town on that dildo you gave him!"

She looked at the man in the backseat, stunned at how her mother was treating this as normal. Once she had put him in the backseat, she had blindfolded him and fitted him with a pair of noise cancelling headphones. She had then given him a rather large dildo and coaxed him to 'practice'. This ended up meaning that the guy was greedily sucking on it like his life depended on it.

"Well, to properly introduce you, Kyle here, soon to be Kylie, was an employee of mine. Two weeks ago, he was caught red-handed using company funds to pay for sex." Susan explained. "Needless to say, that ended with him losing his job. All I've done is steer him towards an appropriate field for his new line of work."

"Wait, you did this to him?" Sarah asked, worried.

"I handled specifics. Thanks to other parts of the Sisterhood, he spends about 90% of his time now undergoing some form of programming. The physical changes are courtesy of the home-life agents making sure that he was headed towards his determined end point." Susan replied.

"Sisterhood?" Sarah asked.

"That women's rights group I'm part of, at least, that's the cover story. We're actually an ancient order of women who seek to... balance the scales, so to speak. Elevating women in society is one side of our work. Another is dealing with any men that would prove either a problem or an asset. If we deem them to be safe, we typically leave them alone, but for those that can be a future asset, we may turn them into women and recruit them to our cause. Should we decide to leave them be, the most drastic outcome would likely be a gender change, but in the end, they'll remain mostly themselves, just with an adjustment or two. Problems, like Kyle here, are dealt with in a manner of ways, usually through more drastic transformations. Kyle chose to buy sex using money that wasn't his, so he'll earn his keep through sex. Once his transformation's complete, the act of sex will define Kylie's entire life. If she's not having it there and then, then she'll be doing something that she believes can lead to it, and she'll genuinely enjoy every single second of it." Susan explained, her expression darkening a little as she mentioned Kyle. "Of course, a lot of the time, a problematic man or boy will be given a second chance as a member of the fairer sex, albeit in a more 'cog in the machine' approach. Members of the Sisterhood however, will find that they get quite a sizable amount of power over the general populace, especially if you're in higher standing within the group. Speaking of... you're set to be going through a little training yourself."

Susan smiled as they stopped at a red light, before noticing Sarah going a bit pale at the mention of training. "Nothing anywhere near as drastic as Kyle's change, I assure you. Your evaluation noted that you can be a little irresponsible given the right factors. All that's planned for your training is shoring up your responsible side. It'll be rather mundane stuff, and nothing mind-bending about it. You'll probably assist with a transformation's initial stages for a while."

Sarah relaxed a bit.

"Your friend Tiffany's also been noted as a possible new recruit, but her sex drive's getting in the way a bit. So any training she receives will be to help bring it under control, or at least give her more than just pleasure as a motive for doing the deed. Until she gets things under control though, she's not a member of the Sisterhood and will be subject to everything the rest of society is." Susan explained. "For example, the special music we employ, the kind that your new earrings protect you from."

"Wait, so that's why I started to notice Kylie was actually Kyle?" Sarah asked, her interest rising.

"That's right." Susan smiled. "That music is designed to be... inoffensive, not memorable. Harmless filler at best. The word that will mainly come to mind is 'Nice'. What makes it so effective is that on a specific frequency, outside of what we humans can normally perceive, we lace the music with an assortment of subliminal messages and such that achieve various ends. For women, these messages help improve their confidence, makes them that little more dominant. For men, it typically makes them just that little bit more docile. Nothing too drastic or else their minds reassert themselves, but the effect is cumulative and we include the idea of enjoying these new feelings. Women become more confident over time and start to enjoy asserting themselves. Men become more docile and start to enjoy letting go and just following along. Those that the Sisterhood is working on however are rendered far more susceptible to it all though, so the effects on them can be far more drastic. You'll probably see a lot more people like Kyle walking around now, all with a look that can only be described as 'empty headed bliss'."

"But that doesn't explain why I didn't notice anything strange until I was wearing these earrings." Sarah replied.

"Well, the music also sets up a form of perception filter." Susan added. "Anyone sufficiently affected by it fails to notice things that would be considered strange to them, unless that strangeness is pointed out directly. You'll notice the clothing, the smells, that sort of thing, while missing aspects such as height, whether there's a noticeable Adam's Apple, et cetera. The evidence you pick up on will lead you to the conclusion we want, because we'll make sure that some of the key features are far more noticeable while obscuring the ones we want people to ignore. Take Kyle for instance. The dress, the shoes... the bust, the fact that you were painting his nails. All that led you to believe the person you were interacting with was female, so your brain filled in the gaps and there you have it. You looked at Kyle, and saw Kylie. The earrings block the effects of the music by way of cancelling out everything on that inaudible frequency. So you'll be able to hear the music, but your earrings filter out all the mind affecting aspects."

Sarah looked back at Kyle as she thought everything through. Thanks to the headphones and blindfold, he was blissfully unaware of what was happening around him as he deep throated that dildo he'd been given. The fact that the transformation was so total and so quick was frankly, a little scary. All in all, she wasn't sure how to feel at the moment.

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