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130. Getting It

129. Just Missing It

128. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

127. Catching Up with Athena and 'M

126. Karyn and Zoe have a Chat

125. What a Difference 15 Minutes M

124. Starting to Wrap Up the Party

123. New Girl Power

122. Being Pushed Away

121. Getting Reacquainted

120. Zoe and Simon Join the Party

119. Zoe and Simon Arrive

118. Mollie Calms Robert

117. Robert and Mollie

116. Zoe and Simon Head to the McMi

115. Maddy

114. New Girl

113. Another Budding Friendship?

112. The Party Grows

111. Hot Tub Talk

DMU-122: Getting It

on 2024-06-11 00:59:01

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"It is the only thing that fits..."

Simon paused. "You...really need to think about that for a moment."

"I don't have time for this nonsense, there is work to be done," Robert said.

"Like cleaning and cooking? Don't you get it?" Simon put his hands on his hips. "Instead of running your are cleaning up after everyone..."

Robert paused, truly thinking about it, reviewing the events of the day. "Mon dieu..." He stared at Simon for a moment, and then ran off.

Simon sighed. He honestly hadn't been trying to make Robert upset...well, maybe he had a bit. But whatever Robert had done, this was not fair. He looked at his own arm. Only two days before, it had been a rather beefy it was delicate, hairless... He cursed inwardly to himself, thinking of how he'd been gossiping with the two others in similar situations to his. This was going to take some getting used to.

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