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76. Lunchtime

75. When Technology and Magic Meet

74. A Night off

73. It's Time

72. The Build-Up

71. Afterwards

70. Stopped in the nick of time.

69. The new arm of the law

68. Someone returns sort of.

67. The rest of Jon’s day.

66. That afternoon

65. The New Exchange Student

64. The Reunion of two “Old” Frien

63. The Rematch

62. Meanwhile

61. What, What, What!

60. An (Possible) Ally

59. Eileen Williams

58. Into the mist once more

57. Tina Black?

The Workmen: Lunchtime

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The morning passed relatively uneventful for Jon. He did notice one or two people missing from his classes that morning and one or two new ones. Ashleigh Sanders, Tina’s former mother shocked him the most. When he saw her being placed in the Sanders house she had been de-aged several years already but that had been a couple of days ago. Now she looked just like any teenage girl would look like. Well not like any teenage girl, she now had a body that looked ten times better than Tiff’s ever had well to Jon anyway.

How did she get away with the outfit she was wearing he was sure one of the teachers would have a word with her about it but then again it was not much different from what Tiffany usually wore to school just somehow on Ashleigh it looked as if she was barely wearing anything.

Jon tried hard not to be seen staring at her. This was hard to do and he was sure he had managed it until the bell rang for the end of class and Ashleigh blew him a kiss. She had seen him he thought as he turned away with a face that was slowly going as red as Tina’s had that morning. He left the classroom to find Tina standing at his locker waiting for him.

“So Jon-boy any ideas on how we set about making my idea a reality?” She asked him.

“Yeah, I have but not here. Let's go somewhere a little more private.” He answered trying to put out of his mind the thoughts he had been having about her de-aged mother a few minutes before.

“Ok, I know where,” Tina said as they turned down the hall towards Mr Jones’s classroom.

“Good choice. He always has his lunch in the staff-room so his room will be empty.” Jon said approving of her choice.

It was an open secret throughout the school that Mr. Jones was always losing the keys to his classroom and tended to leave his room unlocked to stop him from having to call for someone to unlock it for him.

The two of them had a quick look around before walking inside.

Jon unzipped his bag to reveal the stone which had been in his locker all morning.

“Isn’t it dangerous to leave the stone in your locker?” Tina asked her friend.

“Nah I made it so that no one can see it if I am not there,” Jon told her looking proud of the safety precaution that he had only come up with that morning.

“So how do we do this,” Tina asked him.

“Like this. I wish that I had an app installed on my phone that could show who has been changed and who hasn’t when we point the phone at them and allow the user to scan whoever camera of the phone is pointed at in the same way as a QR code” Jon said in just about one breath. He knew that if he didn’t manage it in one go then the magic of the stone might misinterpret the wish.

“Why didn’t you put it on my phone as well?” Tina asked him.

“I seem to be immune to whatever is going on and you might get targeted. We don’t want whoever is doing this to find out about the app.” He told her making excuses in his head for the lie he was telling her.

“I suppose that makes sense,” Tina replied trying to hide the disappointment in her voice.

Jon unlocked his phone to find a brand new app as he expected.

“Palimpsest ©” He read aloud.

“Is that it,” Tina asked him hoping that she would be able to use it.

“Must be I don’t remember getting it,” Jon Answered

“Well open it,” Tina demanded

“Give me a second,” Jon said as he opened the app.

“How does it work?” Was the question that followed.

“What the hell. Trail version. This free version allows the user three uses per day. To gain unlimited uses the user must sign up for the pro version at the cost of.” Jon said as he started to read the terms of the magical app that had just appeared on his phone.

“What do you mean Trail version? Tina asked him.

“Well, somehow the stone must think that having the Pro Version must break some pre-existing wish and the limits of the Trail version stop whatever the wish is from being broken,” Jon told her once again thinking on his feet. He knew exactly what the wish was but he couldn't tell her that. Tina might now have taken over Karyn's life but she didn’t know everything that Karyn had known before the swap.

“I wonder what the wish is that is stopping us. I suppose we will just have to be careful as to when we use it.” Tina said just as the bell for the end of lunch rang.

“Yeah, we will have to be,” Jon replied as the two of them left the room for their afternoon classes. All through the afternoon, all Jon could think about was how he could test the app. He didn’t want to use it in class but he knew he had to try it. Just to make sure it worked but who could he test it on? He had to test it on someone he knew had changed. His easiest options were either Tina or Sarah. He knew that Zoe had changed but it would be harder to test it on her. However, to test it would mean that he would lose one of his three uses for that day but he had to test it. He decided that the easiest guinea pig would be Sarah. That way he would be able to hide the fact that Tina had changed from her for a bit longer.

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