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75. When Technology and Magic Meet

74. A Night off

73. It's Time

72. The Build-Up

71. Afterwards

70. Stopped in the nick of time.

69. The new arm of the law

68. Someone returns sort of.

67. The rest of Jon’s day.

66. That afternoon

65. The New Exchange Student

64. The Reunion of two “Old” Frien

63. The Rematch

62. Meanwhile

61. What, What, What!

60. An (Possible) Ally

59. Eileen Williams

58. Into the mist once more

57. Tina Black?

56. Biff Ferguson?

The Workmen: When Technology and Magic Meet.

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Jon’s alarm went off the following morning around seven. He was amazed that he had slept that long. I suppose I must have needed it he thought as climbed into the shower. This morning he had beaten Sarah to it. It had been almost a full week since she had replaced Zoe it was becoming almost normal for her to be there in the kitchen sharing the breakfast table.

A short time later he found himself sitting at the spot where he would meet Karyn but this morning he was meeting his current best friend Tina. He really wanted to know what Tina’s idea was that would help them deal with the Blue Clad men and their masters. Hopefully, it would also help him return Karyn back to him as well. It's not that he didn’t like Tina but they didn’t share the history that he and Karyn had. Maybe there was a little more to it than that not that he would admit it even to himself.

He spotted someone coming down the path towards the school grounds. A Blonde girl that he had never seen before but she did have a familiar look about her.

“Put that tongue back in your mouth Jon-Boy I don’t think that Kyla would like it if she saw you.” Came a now familiar voice to him.

“Kyla?” He asked Tina as she appeared from the other side of the wall.

“Yeah Kyla Chevalier. You know the French exchange student. Don’t tell me that she has changed due to these blue men as well?” Tina asked him.

“I am not sure. I don’t remember seeing her before.” Jon answered honestly He had known a Kyla before but she was not French.

“Anyway now that there is no one nearby I can tell you about the idea I had. “ Tina said to him excitedly.

“Yeah, I have been wondering about that since I got your message last night,” Jon replied.

“Well, the way I see it is that we have no idea who has been changed or who the changed people used to be. That’s right, isn’t it? Tina asked already knowing the answer to her question.

“That’s right but what’s your idea?” Jon asked trying to prompt her to tell him her idea. This he thought was another trait that Tina had from Karyn asking a question of someone that she already knew the answer to.

“Oh sorry. I thought I told you.” Tina said with her face starting to turn ever so slightly red.

“No, you haven’t yet,” Jon said while trying to make her relax a little to ease her embarrassment.

“Well then. Why don’t we wish up an app for our phones that lets us see who has been changed and who hasn’t when we point the phone at them? You know like some sort of human QR code.” Tina Explained.

“You know that’s not a bad idea,” Jon replied honestly a little annoyed that he hadn’t thought of something like it himself.

“I thought so,” Tina said smiling.

“All we need to do is come up with the right wish so that it doesn’t cause us any problems.” Jon still smarting a little that he hadn’t come up with this solution himself explained to Tina.

“Yeah, we don’t want any more accidents now do we?” She replied still smiling.

“Why don’t we meet at lunch that will give us this morning to work on the wish,” Jon said as the two of them walked into the school grounds to start their day.

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