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9. Sunday Afternoon

8. Family Reunion

7. Size Matters

6. Well

5. Rebecca

4. The Rules

3. The bet

2. Parallels

1. The Drafting Board

Parallels: Sunday Afternoon

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The twins were well-behaved that Sunday afternoon Christian sat there waiting for the argument from last week to resurface. As the hours passed with the three of them chatting away about how their weeks had gone, it seemed that it never would. Perhaps they had given up on the silly idea he thought. It was late that afternoon when he found out that he was mistaken.

“So are you looking forward to the week ahead little brother?” Joanne asked her brother teasingly.

“I wouldn’t say looking forward to it. Joseph answered her. I know I will prove to you you are making a mountain out of a molehill about things last week.” He went on to say.

Christian sat there with his head in his hands metaphorically speaking. They almost made it through the whole afternoon without the topic coming up but now it had.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that but I guess we will know by next week won’t we,” Joanne said with a defiant tone in her voice.

“I guess we will” Joseph replied.

“Now you two don’t do anything silly. This bet of yours is bad enough as it is.” Christian said trying to use what little authority he seemed to have when it came to one of the twins' bets.

“Sorry Uncle Christian,” Both of them said.

“Joseph you agreed to this bet against my better judgment and you will carry it out or pay your sister the money that you agreed to. Joanne you will stop trying to annoy your brother over this. He has said that he will respect the agreement you made or he will pay you the money. That is an end to this, do I make myself clear?” Christian asked them as he stood up to go through to the kitchen.

“Yes, Uncle Christian. “ The two of them answered once again in unison.

“I didn’t mean to get you into trouble,” Joseph said as he turned to his sister.

“Neither did I “ She answered in response

Christian came back from the kitchen with a cup of coffee for each of them and a slice of cake hoping that the agreement was now at an end for the moment at least.

About an hour or so later Joanne looked towards her uncle and then asked her brother. “Are you ready for tonight?”

“Why what is happening tonight?” He asked her.

Joanne again nervously looked at her uncle before saying “We are going over to see Lilly so that she can help you with the bet.” She finished. She once again looked at her uncle expecting him to raise his voice at her as he had done earlier.

Much like his sister Joseph also looked at his uncle before answering her. “Didn’t know I had to go over to her place. I thought she would come over to see me. He answered honestly.

“No, she said it would be easier if you went over to her place. To be honest with you I think she is just wanting some company tonight as it is the first night of Susan’s week away.” Joanne told her brother.

“Oh, where is Susan away to?” Joseph asked her.

“I don’t know I think it's something to do with work. You know how close those two are. I don’t think they have spent this much time apart since they became a couple.” Joanne replied.

Christian got up to start to take the plates into the kitchen while the two of them were having what appeared to be a friendly conversation only to be stopped by Joseph.

“Let me take them through Uncle Christian. My way of saying sorry for earlier.” Joseph told him.

“Why thank you,” Christian said to him not quite letting him off the hook for the earlier discussion.

Joseph was soon joined by his sister who was also trying to make amends.

“I really am sorry for the fight earlier,” she said to Joseph.

“I know we just seem to wind each other up sometimes. Don’t we?” He asked.

“Yeah sometimes” Joanne answered while nodding her head.

“Anyway what time do I have to be at Lilly’s tonight?” he asked

“Around 6 she said and she said that you could stay the night, that way she could help you in the morning as well,” Joanne told him relaying the information from the message her friend had sent that morning.

“In that case, I better get going. I have something to pick up from my place before I meet up with her.” Joseph let his sister know.

“I need to get going Uncle Christian, I have something to do this evening. I am sure that Joanne will help you finish off the dishes before she goes. Won’t you?” He shouted back towards the kitchen. He knew that his sister hated doing the washing up.

“Of course I will.” Came the voice from the kitchen.

With that, Joseph left the house and headed back to his car. He found a small parcel in the back seat saying give this to Lilly in his sister’s handwriting. He wondered what it was but time was against him, so he started his car up and after a little while his flat to pick up everything he needed for the night ahead.

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