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8. Family Reunion

7. Size Matters

6. Well

5. Rebecca

4. The Rules

3. The bet

2. Parallels

1. The Drafting Board

Parallels: Family Reunion

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The rest of the week went by as normal for the twins. Joanne went to meet with Susan and Lilly who made plans on how to help Joseph with what he had to do to win the bet. Lilly had always liked Joe and if she was that way inclined she could have seen herself dating him but she was happy with Susan.

Joseph had enjoyed his day off and when he returned to the office on Friday morning he found an email from Rebecca in his inbox.

I know you and your sister have this silly bet happening next week and if it wasn’t for the fact that this was your uncle's company I wouldn’t have agreed to it. The one thing that you must try and do is not to let it interfere with your work or the office. I know that this will not be easy. I want you to send me a message to let me know if you are going ahead with it and I will send an email to everyone in the office to stop most of the comments

However, I can not stop all of them so let me know if things go too far and I will have a word with the offender and get them to stop. Other than that see you on Monday morning as I am sure we will have things to discuss.

Joseph knew at that point he could have stopped things but he would have to have to pay his sister the money which he did not want to. One or two of the women in the office had somehow found out about the bet and were making the odd joke on Saturday morning during his short shift. He liked working on Saturday morning as the office was not usually that busy but for some reason that week it was. It was the phone never stopped ringing he thought well at least it kept his mind off what would happen the following day.

Joanne woke up the following day excited she had been so sure that her brother would never take her bet in the first place but he had not only agreed to it. He had agreed to everything she asked him to do so far anyway.

She completed her normal morning routine: shower, breakfast, and then dressed before checking her phone. She was trying hard to spend led time on her phone well she was trying at least but somehow she still managed to spend the next two hours on it.

Just as she was about to leave the house to head to her uncle’s as she did every Sunday her phone went off. It was a message from Lilly. This had been Lilly’s week off, she had enjoyed contacting the people who could supply her with the items that they would need.

Hi, Jo just a quick one we will be ready for Joe and you tonight. If you could be here around 6. Oh yeah, let Joe know he can stay the night so that we can help him get ready on Monday morning. Somehow I think he might need some help

Joanne smiled at the thought of would the week ahead would bring for her brother if he was still going to go ahead with the bet She knew that he didn’t want people to think that he was a coward and by now it was almost too late for him to back out. She would enjoy spending his money once she won the bet. She had seen a pair of shoes that she loved and would buy with Joe’s money once he paid up.

Joseph woke up at almost the same time as his sister did even though they lived a few miles apart they somehow still seemed to wake up at the same time. He had noticed this one new year when he had stayed over at her place. He even mentioned it to her she just put it off as a Twin Thing

He got himself ready as usual that morning and left his place to head over to his uncles. Christian had never asked them to visit him every Sunday afternoon but both he and his sister did. He knew that like him she felt the same obligation to Christian. He had taken them in and had raised them when their mother and father had passed away. For that, the twins would forever be grateful. Besides Christian was a great cook and he always had a fantastic lunch waiting for them.

This week Joseph was a little apprehensive about the visit as he knew his sister would keep making jokes about the bet. He hoped that she would not make his life too bad that afternoon besides he had not seen her since Wednesday and he needed to finalize plans with her. He did not want to wear a bra for the next week but he did not want to have to give his sister £100. He was not sure what was worse.

As usual, the two of them turned up at the same time at their uncle’s place, almost down to the second. Another Twin Thing he thought. Christian saw them pull into the driveway and opened the door for them.

“Hello, you two a pleasure to see you as always.” He said.

“Hi, Uncle Christian,” The two of them said at the same time. This always made Christian smile as they walked into the house.

“I want to hear nothing about your silly bet this afternoon, well until after lunch anyway,” Christian told them as he walked into the kitchen to check on the oven.

“I Promise I won’t bring up the topic until we have had lunch. What about you little brother?” Joanne asked Joseph

“I won’t if you won’t” Joseph agreed.

“Lunch will be a few minutes more,” Christian said as he came back from the kitchen to catch the end of what the twins were saying. This pleased him but worried him for what would come after lunch.

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