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6. Well

5. Rebecca

4. The Rules

3. The bet

2. Parallels

1. The Drafting Board

Parallels: Well

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“So I guess that puts an end to this silly argument,” Christian said as the twins raised their heads to see him close the study door.

Joseph got out of his seat and handed his uncle the printout. “Could you keep this somewhere safe Uncle Christian?”

Christian looked down at the piece of paper to see that both of them had signed it in the space that had been left for them to sign.

“Oh, ok then when is this thing due to start?” Christian asked knowing now that all three of them were committed to carrying out this ridiculous (in his opinion ) bet.

“From next Monday. I need some time to get things together with the details that Rebecca added otherwise we will start tomorrow.” Joanne answered.

“Yeah, next week. Then I will prove to you that you are making a big deal out of nothing.” Joseph said.

“I wouldn’t do anything else Joseph or you could find yourself in more trouble.” His uncle told him.

“Well, it's time I got going anyway otherwise I will get caught in the traffic,” Joseph said as he headed for the front door.

“Yeah me too Uncle Christian. See you next Sunday.” Joanne said agreeing with her brother.

“Until next week then,” Christian said as the twins left the house and headed towards their separate cars.

Joseph knew that he had put his foot in his mouth again but his sister had a way of getting the worst out of him, he loved her but she just had a way of annoying him. He supposed that was the way between all brothers and sisters even those who were not twins. She just knew which buttons to push to get him to do or say stupid stuff but he could not blame her for this. This situation was one of his own making. He really should keep his mouth shut sometimes.

Joanne on the other hand was supporting a smile so wide that it almost filled her entire rear-view mirror whenever she looked into it. She might have let her brother's comments go as him being just another man who didn’t know any better but then why should she? Mind you she was the one who had come up with the idea of a bet between them. This would not be the first time that one of their arguments had ended up in a bet it had happened many times over the years. There was nothing she could do to stop it now as their uncle had brought in Rebecca. He must have thought that this would stop the argument instead it only entrenched their positions. Then there was Rebecca's’ addition to their little contract. Not that it was any problem to her. She was sure that one of her university friends would be able to help her somehow.


The next few days passed without any problems for the two of them. Joseph was glad that Rebecca was away on a business trip for the week so she could not make any jokes at his expense. Somehow this just made the week go even slower for him.

Joanne had spent the evening after she had come back from her uncle's place ringing around her friends to see if any of them could help. She had sworn them to totally secrecy about what was happening. Her friend Susan had said that her partner Lilly might be able to help her out.

Lilly was a nurse who might be able to provide Joanne with what she was looking for. However, Joanne would not be able to speak to Lilly for a few days as she was on nights until Wednesday but would ask Lilly what Joanne would need to do to be ready for her when they did speak.

Joseph checked his emails on Wednesday morning and found one from his sister asking if she could come round to his place that night. Thinking that this was her way of backing out of the bet sent her a quick reply. He let her know that any time after seven would be fine. He got a reply within a few minutes saying see you then. Joseph couldn’t wait finally the end to this was in sight and he would be £100 richer as it was his sister calling it off and not him.

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