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5. Rebecca

4. The Rules

3. The bet

2. Parallels

1. The Drafting Board

Parallels: Rebecca

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Christian went into his study to make the phone call that would determine his nephew’s fate. He dialed the number to speak to his deputy at his company Rebecca.

“Hi, Rebecca I hope I didn’t interrupt your Sunday too much,” Christian said as the line connected.

“Your goose is cooked, little brother,” Joanne said as she walked back in with a cup in her hands.

There is no way that Rebecca is going to allow this to go ahead, he thought to himself. She might be a tough boss but she was fair and didn’t want anything that would stop the office from working smoothly he thought as this bet would undoubtedly do. Yeah, he was safe.

A minute later Christian opened the door to his study. “Joanne, could you come in here for a moment? He asked. Both of them started towards the study door. “No Joseph just your sister at the moment. You will get your turn in a moment.” Christian told him stopping him from entering the study.

Joseph went to sit back in the seat he had just got up from. He was now getting worried about this bet for the first time since he and his sister had come up with the idea earlier that afternoon.

“Hi Rebecca it's been ages since we spoke… “ he heard his sister say as Christian closed the door to his study.

To Joseph, it seemed like hours but in reality, it had only been a few minutes. “Joseph your turn,” Christian said as he beckoned him towards the study.

“Good afternoon Ms Green,” Joseph said as he picked up the phone.

Joanne took up her seat at the table as her uncle closed the door of the study once again. She was not worried as her brother had been as she knew the details of the conversation that was going on behind the closed door. She hoped that her brother would agree to what Rebecca was suggesting, He was like most men they thought they knew better than a woman and she couldn’t wait to prove him wrong. It was all in good fun and she could always do with the money anyway.

Joseph came out of the study a few minutes later looking a little dejected holding a new sheet of paper that Christian had printed a few seconds ago. “I suppose you know about the new clause two that Rebecca came up with after reading the email that Uncle Christian sent her? He asked his sister.

“Yeah, she told me when she called me in,” Joanne answered him.

“Here is the new agreement if you still want to go ahead with this. She said she would leave it up to us to decide.” Joseph said handing her the printout He took another look at the amended part of the agreement everything else was still the same as before apart from what his boss had added: Any items needed by the wearer to make the item do the job that it was intended to do will be provided by the proposer of the bet

Meanwhile in the study, Christian was just finishing up his call with Rebecca. “I know you are only trying to have a joke with the two of them but what will you do if they agree to everything?” He asked Rebecca.

He waited to hear her reply which shocked him slightly but not too much as she knew her sense of humor was like. “Well if that’s what you think is best thing then you have my backing. I better get back to them I think I have let them stew for long enough. I will email you later to let you know what they decide.” He said ending the call. Well unless Joseph takes back his comments to his sister he better get ready to wear a bra from next week. Christian thought as he opened the study door to see the twins sitting at the table looking at the printout. He wondered what they had decided in the few minutes since Rebecca had called their bluff.

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