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265. Celebrating

264. It Works

263. Pounding

262. Quick Shot

261. Visitation

260. Hybridity

259. Membership

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247. Popularity

246. My Gestation

Eating at the Diner

avatar on 2024-05-27 08:45:13

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With all of this stuff out of the way, both Zetsubō and Desespero got dressed and stood next to me. I looked over at 08-001. He was a little wobbly on all fours. Doing all of that probably took a ton of energy. I asked if he wanted something to eat. He shook his head. "You want me to eat with you? Like a human!?" he accused. I nodded my head at him with a raised eyebrow. Eating human food was something that AEP units could do. I guess that those of the Conqueror faction clans would have a big hang up about that. They could also use energy generators and outlets using their nanites instead. I was not wasting one on him. "Do you want to eat by yourself!?" I asked. It did not matter to me one single bit now. If he wanted to try to save his pride by staying here, that would be fine with me. He just huffed at me and sat on the edge of the bed. "I want to see my companions now." he said. He could go see them. I bet 08-002 and 08-003 would be extremely interested in what went down here. I wondered if a marriage would still be in the cards. They were all pushing for it really hard yesterday.

Yawning, I rolled my eyes and turned to Zetsubō and Desespero. "Would you 2 like to have breakfast with me?" I offered. We could continue to try getting him to join. But there was no real reason to do so. Both of them wanted to eat. I was going to take them to the best diner in town. It was not everyday that you lost your virginity. They did so in style today. Both of them were climbing the stairs to adulthood all the way to the top. I led them out of the room. Just as I was about to close the door, 08-001 called out to us. I turned to look at him. "I'm going to get them right now. We can eat together then." he said quickly. 08-001 then stood up and made himself a new outfit. The haughty AEP unit then went passed us. I was not going to wait for them. I went downstairs with Zetsubō and Desespero. I was only going to wait for 10 minutes. They all were dressed casually. Both 08-002 and 08-003 were staring at Zetsubō and Desespero openly. Both of them must have heard about what happened to 08-001. I would be curious about this as well if I were them too. None of my clan wanted to attempt it.

Zipping over to the diner was not a problem. We were seated at a big booth by a window. I had to stand as there was no space for me. My centauress body would block everything if I tried to lay down. When all the food came to us, I was pleased. None of the others had eaten here before. The AEP units were not from here. That made sense to me. Zetsubō and Desespero apparently had been photosynthesizing. That was pretty sad. I really had been neglecting them here. I could only hope that I could ensure that they have fun now. Eating together was enjoyable. Zetsubō and Desespero were hybrids so taste was important to them. They really enjoyed eating food. It was not the case for the AEPs. They were only doing it because their bodies were advanced enough to break it down for pure energy without any waste. It was 08-001 in particular that needed to replenish his energy levels. He had definitely earned his memory chip. Taste held no meaning for them. I did not know if they even could taste things in the first place. I was not going to ask them. I did not want an anti-human rant.

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