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3. Melissa accidentally zaps hers

2. The transformation gun

1. The Drafting Board

Melissa accidentally zaps herself

on 2024-05-22 18:38:35

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Age Animal Anthro Aware BE Bimbo Culture FTF FTM Herm Hive

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Melissa went to check the door, she opened the door and peeked out only to find nothing. "Thats odd I swear I just heard someone knock" Melissa said closing tne door, she picked the stereotype gun back up. "What is this it doesn’t have a address where it came from" Melissa said inspecting the stereotype gun.

While Melissa was fiddling with the gun she hit a switch on it cause a bright light to emit from it, the light went up & down her body like it was scanning her. "What the hell" Melissa jumped back being taken completely by surprise. The screen on the gun lit up with what appeared to be details of Melissa.

Subject : Melissa Perez , Age: 22, Race: latino, nationality: mexican american, height: 4'8, body type: thin, personality: bookworm.

Melissa was confused but continued to tinker with the gun, a menu popped with multiple different transformations based on race, nationality, gender, age & height as well as a menu for more transformations

Melissa rolled her eyes "i dont know what kind of weird game this is but im not playing " Melissa said tossing the gun off to the side walking away from it, unbeknownst to her she had activated the gun and it fired a beam of light that hit her, she froze in place as a chill ran up her back.

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