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260. Hybridity

259. Membership

258. Diplomacy

257. Sympathies

256. Healthcare

255. Harrowing

254. His Day

253. The Debrief

252. A Rescue

251. Peace Route

250. Mercenaries

249. Achievement

248. Modeling

247. Popularity

246. My Gestation

245. Just A Day

244. 3 Triplets

243. Territorial

242. No Funeral

241. Conclusion

First Wet Dreams

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Just being at their level made them unbeatable in combat on the continent. Magic made them untouchable. Now that they could heal themselves, they were both able to totally break the game balance. Rearranging the rock garden, sand garden and tulip garden made 3 missions. Giving me inventory reports of all the things in the labs was valid as I needed to know what he had. That was another 6 tasks for them to do now. I could not send them on the same mission twice in a row. There is a cooldown on the missions I assigned, but it was only a week. There was no need to move of the proven path. I had them Zetsubō and Desespero walk around the perimeter of the town. Doing it counted for "reconnaissance". I also had them buy and send coffee and donuts to the mole in the police force we had. I also was able to get them to bring breakfast to each of the 4 human officers at the guild building. After the nice breakfast runs, we got to 15 missions. That was enough to get them to the point where they earned the sexual upgrade. It was getting late, so I let them go to their rooms to sleep.

Killing time was one thing. Wasting time was another. When the clock had struck 1 in the afternoon, I went up to go find them. Both Zetsubō and Desespero were hiding from me in their rooms. There was no need for that. I had to see what I could do for them next. This was a big milestone. When I went to Desespero, there was a really embarrassed look on his face. I asked him what happened to him. He did not want to say. All he did was gesture towards the bed before covering his his face. There was a blush on his face. It was kind of cute. We had to find Zetsubō. Being cryptic about things tired me. I walked over with a sigh. "I.. think I might be sick." he said softly. I pulled back the covers and looked at the bed. It was certainly a surprise. He had a wet dream. Unlike the creamy white one would normally expect, this was black like a oil spill. I guess this answered whether or not he needed a new sexual upgrade from the PEA lab. Since all 3 triplets were fully identical, it seemed that Zetsubō and their other sibling would not need one either. "Don't worry. This is normal for human males."

Lying or making things up was not going to serve any purpose. I explained what a wet dream was to him. When he realized that I was not angry and that he was okay, he calmed down. "Since you are a hybrid, I guess that your semen will change depending on how good you are. If I'm right, doing more missions will make it change color and get better." I said. I had the hunch based on what happened with the full blooded PEA units. Now it was time to get Zetsubō. He was also in his room. He was slower to open up the door for me. When we went inside, I explained what happened to Desespero. Zetsubō relaxed and showed me that the same thing had indeed happened to him. If it was like the other PEA units, they would have a 5% chance to create a memory chip. Maybe instead of creating a chip, this directly tied into their fertility. To test it, I had them rearrange the gardens again. A week had passed since the last time they did it. I then waited until the next day. Like I thought, they had another set of wet dreams. This time, their cum was thicker and white in color. They were up to 11%.

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