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78. Why Won't Anyone Hold Onto Thi

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76. Two Sluts are Better Than One

75. Streams Can Come True

74. Jon Can't Focus

73. Blondes Have More Fun Right?

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70. A Wish to Forget

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59. LinLin Does Some Mothering

Why Won't Anyone Hold Onto This Stone?

on 2024-05-20 18:07:06

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"Phew that was so totally great guys, hope you enjoyed the show! See you next time!" Suki leaned forward to the camera to show off the fresh load of cum on her face as she signed off. At this rate facials were her expertise, and the guys loved to see the final product.

Marta was only now recovering from the heavy dose of Gigglecream she ingested. Despite having her large cock milked over and over by Suki, Marta was still as hard as she was before. Had the stone given her some sort of super cock, or did every guy have this?

Turning off the stream, Suki's bubbly demeanour evaporated and she gave out a deep sigh while reaching for tissues. "Are we going to talk about what happened?"
"...what... do you mean..." Marta was panting, while still nonchalantly stroking her erection. Suki's mouth still looked so inviting, Marta wondered if she could do that trick with her tongue again.

"The pink flash after you wished we could have sex. We immediately started to fuck after it, and it seems like we were allowed to." Suki was frowning, staring at their previous videos where Suki was now apparently Marta's submissive lover. Collars, whips, anal. It seems like they have a long career with this, all while Suki still games.

"Oh... it was probably... this." Marta holds up the pink stone in her hand. She could tell Suki right? After what just happened, the two of them couldn't be closer!

Without a second thought, Suki grabbed the stone like an addict. "Hey!" Marta yelled, trying to reach forward and take the stone.
"I wish you couldn't make wishes on this!"

Oh! What a meanie! Like, there's enough Bubblegum to go around girlies, I'm great in group setting hehe!

Soz Marta, guess I'm not your girl for the time being.

Marta failed a little bit more towards the stone Suki held above her head, but slowly stopped her attempt. "Why would you do that?!" Marta felt like she could cry.

"Pft. I'm not sharing something like this! You know what I could do with this? It's pretty much unlimited power!" Suki almost started to cackle as she stared at the glittery surface.

"I thought... you liked me..." Marta did actually feel tears welling up. First Dick, now her roommate. No one cared about Marta.

"Liked you?" Suki scoffed, "We streamed together because you have a big dick. Sex sells, Marta. What, did you think we were in love or something?" Marta couldn't help but hang her head in shame. Her first time, and it was with someone so heartless.

"I can't believe you had this and didn't even think to help the world out. So stupid. Actually, that works! I wish everyone had access to a great education for everything they need!"

Woah! This is like such a big wish to start with! I'm so over the whole building up gradually tactic. Let's get things done! Free education for all!

School is like so important. Because, where else would you... umm... you can learn about... huh school is kinda boring isn't it? I mean, what even is Economics? Numbers should only go up to 10 then stop if you ask me!

Suki is right. We need to make sure the people are learning what they need! Nail care! Fashion! Cooking! Let the boys do all the boring work, this one's for the girls! If we need to know a theorem or whatevs, we can totally ask a man when he takes us on a date! Not like that would be happening hehe

I mean, no one is going to ask a girl about the Industrial Revolution in real life. School should be teaching real things, like pole dancing, and what part to laugh along while you're man is watching a sexist comedian so he thinks you're also cool. This is the important stuff!

Marta and Suki open their eyes, only to see not much has changed. Suki still holds the stone, Marta's cock is still out in the open. Neither of them feel any different. Maybe this wish didn't work?

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