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77. Witch Talking

76. Two Sluts are Better Than One

75. Streams Can Come True

74. Jon Can't Focus

73. Blondes Have More Fun Right?

72. Stripper Search

71. New Equipment New Desires

70. A Wish to Forget

69. Operation Rock Hard

68. Heart to Heart with Karyn

67. Becoming a Girl(friend)

66. Supervised Dreams

65. Introducing, Marta

64. Zoe's Night Continues

63. Sarah Needs Out

62. Loose Lips

61. Means Girls Create Meaner Girl

60. Toxic Masculinity Solved

59. LinLin Does Some Mothering

58. Reality Rundown

Witch Talking

on 2024-05-18 18:30:15

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Athena was shocked to find that there was another witch in the city, and so close by. Hell, it was pretty shocking that the information was so easily accessible to find them too. She supposed traditionally feminine magic art such as witchcraft was still looked down on in this world, unlike the very real and completely believable magic rock that grants wishes in weird and convoluted ways, which was taken with the utmost respect by evil gangsters and douchebag businessmen.

The school library was pretty empty, but there was no change there. Athena herself didn't even go here much, it always smelled of dust and author's failure. Not a good combination. Sitting behind the information desk was Alexis Colitz, a nerdy redhead librarian with glasses and a large woollen jumper despite the perfectly fine weather today. She worked in the school library for years, mostly spending that time reading due to the lack of foot traffic. And apparently she was one hell of a witch.

"Uh excuse me Alexis," Athena said. The older woman looked up from the book she was reading and pushed up her glasses. "Yes, what can I do for you?" the librarian asked.

"Strange thing to ask, but I have questions about a wishing stone," Athena said, looking around to make sure that the library was still empty, "I have an annulment amulet on me, and the effects are getting pretty crazy."

Alexis' face turned serious, and she leaned forward. Athena couldn't help but notice she had a huge pair of boobs hidden under that jumper. God, now even she was thinking like that pervert stone. Alexis said, "What sort of changes have you witnessed?"

Athena began listing as many as she could remember. Jon's transformation, Zeus Corps appearing, women being obedient to men, and the most recent change of porn being much more wide spread on both tv and the internet. Even on the way into the school she saw a group of guys casually watching a music video where a rapper has hardcore sex with a famous model. Athena didn't know the names of either, but she was certain they were very relevant to pop culture at large, and anyone more in touch than her could fill in two names and it would definitely be those two.

"Hmm..." Alexis mused on what Athena had told her. "I know how these stones work and how reality changes to accommodate, but it's still very strange to hear that all of these things aren't natural. Especially this men-knowing-what-we-want thing. You're saying it changed hands a lot?"
"Oh yeah. We think we know where it is now, but anyone could of had it."
"And your friend Jon... he didn't wish specifically for any of the changes?"
"Definitely not. His.. I mean her brain isn't working as well now but she wouldn't have wanted any of this. I think she's got a good heart."
"It's definitely a switch then."
"A switch?"
"Yes a switch. One stone that he originally had got exchanged for another. It's a small ritual to do it, and was probably done in the cover of night. This new stone must be translating his wishes through some sort of magical filter, by my guess one hell of a horny one."
Athena was shocked this librarian seemed to know so much. "Can we stop it? Or change it back to normal?"
"We would need the original stone to do that, and it would be impossible to find," Alexis continued, "this stone seems to have a purpose. A reason to change things in such a ludicrous way. Maybe this stone was created to fulfill some sort of fantasy world, but had to be done via Jon."
"So what do we have to do to destroy it?" Athena was getting impatient now. At another time this might be interesting, but the young witch could feel her amulet start to hum again. Another change was coming...

Alexis smiled, "Oh that's actually simple, all we need to do is..."

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