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4. David and Suzie- Together at l

3. A little more depth...

2. A Man of Nature

1. The Future of Gaming

Epic City: David and Suzie finally meet

on 2013-04-21 01:46:28

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I shoot a PM to Suzie (Actually, the messenger looks like a little floating hologram that I type into) to tell her I've arrived. Just as it sends, I nearly get freakin' run over! For real, I mean for real. I had been dropped in the middle of the street and the light just turned green, initiating a flow of carts, hovercraft, and all kinds of other et cetera that could flatten you like a pancake.

I start absolutely panicking before something in my character tingles and a beanstalk grosw out of the ground under my feet. I scream in surprise as it catapults me out out of traffic and then retracts back into the ground.

I sit on the sidewalk, rubbing my aching head and Suzie's reply pops up on the little holo-screen thingy next to me. I take a look.

I see you. Only you could be that clumsy to not even conciously use your character's emergency escape

"Where are you?" I ask out loud.

"Behind you." Comes a very familiar voice. I turn around and there she is. Suzie. The girl I had fallen in love wth from across an entire country. I give her a smile, and she smiles back, knowing who I am even with digitally-generated green skin. She's not half-bad-looking herself in her standard leather armor (Not too much, not too little). She looked just like she did in real life.

"You clever girl." I joke. Both of us laugh and share a hug.

"You're a real smooth operator, you know that?" She asks with a hint of sarcasm before kissing me right on the virtual lips.

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