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3. A little more depth...

2. A Man of Nature

1. The Future of Gaming

Backstory Time!

on 2013-04-09 03:25:19

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When I received the "Inadequate Data" message appear, I went back and addedmore information to my profile. My character originated from a tribe of tree tenders who had cared for the forest so long they were literally a part of it. Being part plant, these people had extraordinary powers of nature. They could communicate with animals, cover their skin in a shield of tree bark, and live on sunlight and water (If need be), as well as grow and manipulate plantlife. My character never hunts young animals, only old creatures that come to him, wishing for death. He left his tribe for Epic City to advocate for the importance of a natural balance within the city. He is generally a pacifist and is of a tender, gentle nature. However, he will fight if absolutely necessary and use his powers to their fullest extent. He is somewhat of a country rube, though, as he does not understand city life or culture. He also possesses an aversion to artificially-produced clothes, preferring his animal-skin shirts and pants.

I attempted to log in once more, discovering that it would now let me in, I smiled as I felt myself merge with my avatar.

I opened my eyes to an amazing sight Epic City lived up to its name. I could smell everything, hear everything, and feel everything; even the window my face. It was so... Real. I reset my reality check for 90 minutes; I didn't want to lose myself here.

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