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253. The Debrief

252. A Rescue

251. Peace Route

250. Mercenaries

249. Achievement

248. Modeling

247. Popularity

246. My Gestation

245. Just A Day

244. 3 Triplets

243. Territorial

242. No Funeral

241. Conclusion

240. Major Reneging

239. All Out Fight

238. Cold AEP Units

237. Cold X-Frames

236. A Death

235. Dark Fluid

234. Consequences

Getting 06-003 Out of There

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His face was a mixture of rage and fear. Hunter gasped in shock. Paul just sucked his teeth and shook his head. Brett looked the AEP unit over appraisingly. I slapped a pervert on his shoulder. "Damn it! I got it." he grumbled at me after an exaggerated hiss of pain. Frankly, he deserved it. 06-003 could barely gather the strength to look at us. He shakily pushed himself up to his elbows. Paul and Brett went to him and helped him stand. He was unable to put any weight on his legs. I looked at her. "We'll be taking him back now. Where is the mini EMP?" I informed her. She reached into her pocket and handed me a small black device. On it was a very large logo. It was a white kite shield with 2 piercing red eyes. I guessed that this was the symbol for the Titron Syndicate. I thought it looked pretty ominous. I put it in my inventory. I looked at Hunter and said "We'll be studying this when we get back home." 06-003 was struggling and cursing at us, but he could not do much in his current state. Once we got him out of the compound, we all told him who we were. He still did not seem to trust us.

Calling Dawg to come get us was easy. I had told him to be on standby for my call. I did not walk here. I sure as hell was not walking back. He appeared in the same spot as last time. 06-003 finally seemed to calm down a little when the pink haired AEP unit slung him over his shoulder. The rest of us held onto Dawg. He made sure of this so he could teleport us back to our own clan building. When we got back, it was clear to me that being around humans was what was making him upset. I told all the AEP units, even 12-001, to come and comfort him. Looking at Parker, I told him to get 06-003 to give a recording of what happened to him. We had to report the situation to both Major Idovelli and Wind Clan. We had an idea of what went down, but we would need the confirmation. The major was the one that gave us the mission, so he had first priority to know. Paul called and the major told him he would be on his way. Wind Clan called us during his call. 06-003 sent the distress signal to them. They wanted him back. I told them that they could bring someone to come get him when they wanted.

Getting over here would take some time. Time that Major Idovelli would need to look 06-003 over. The major arrived just in time for Parker to hand me a disk. "This has a collection of 06-003's memories of his capture." he told me. I thanked him and told him to bring 06-003. Major Idovelli was accompanied by Captain Giovanni and his pair of S.W.A.T. cronies. They looked displeased to be here. I brought them down to the clan building once 06-003 joined us. He was still very skittish. Both Kyan and Parker were with him. It seemed to work moderately well. Major Idovelli looked at him and asked why he was naked. "It's a long story. We can learn all about it when we get to the AEP lab." I told him. We went to the lab and I enter the disk into a media player next to one of the monitors. We could see a first person recording of the events. Like we had been told, someone from Titron Syndicate suckered him in by saying an evil Conqueror was attacking. Once they got him isolated in an empty forested area, they set androids on him. He won, but the humans used their mini EMP. He went down.

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