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17. A text from Sarah

16. Jon tests his voice

15. Jon tests the compulsions

14. Jon Comes to His Senses

13. Jon is distracted by the urge

12. Jon decides to find out more a

11. go to the mirror

10. 3 Months

9. Leaving the Machine

8. More girly changes

7. Few corrections and a fall

6. Slutty

5. Starting slowly

4. Transformation machine

3. Home alone 2

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

A text from Sarah

on 2024-05-19 11:50:28

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Aware Bimbo MTF Magic

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Standing there with a sexily cocked hip and hearing his new voice, Jon was caught between amusement and disbelief at the thrill of how thoroughly the transformation had affected him.

Picking up the phone again, Jon scrolled through his contacts and social media, noting the messages and interactions that "Jenni" had with her friends. The language and tone were consistently light-hearted, filled with emojis and slang typical of a teenage girl. He found himself giggling at some of the inside jokes and affectionate comments left by his new friends.

A new message pinged on his phone. It was from Sarah McMillan.

"Hey Jenni! Can't wait to see you at the mall later. We totally need to shop for new summer outfits! See you soon, babe!"

Jon's heart raced at the thought of going out in public as Jenni. With Sarah McMillan, no less.The excitement was palpable, but so was the apprehension. He knew that this was part of the experience he had signed up for, and the thrill of living out his fantasy was undeniable.

"Totally! Can't wait, Sarah! See you soon! 💋," Jon found himself typing in response, his fingers moving fluidly despite the long nails.

He couldn’t help himself from admiring and pouting at his reflection one last time before heading out, fluffing his hair and appraising his makeup. The outfit he wore—the tight, low-cut dress paired with high heels and designer handbag—left no room for doubt about his transformed identity. The exaggerated femininity, the compulsions, and the new mannerisms all reinforced that he was completely Jenni.

He was about to step into the world as someone entirely different, someone who embodied his deepest fantasies.

Leaving the room, Jon felt the full impact of the transformation with every step he took. His hips swayed naturally, the click of his heels echoed down the hallway, and his long hair brushed against his shoulders with every movement. He was Jenni now, and for the next three months, he was going to embrace every aspect of this new life.

As he reached the front door, Jon paused for a moment, taking a deep breath. With a final glance at his reflection in the hallway mirror, he smiled confidently.

"Like, here goes nothing!" he cocked his head girlishly with a mischievous smile, his voice dripping with the same playful, flirty tone that had become second nature. And with that, he stepped out into the world on his high heels, ready to live out his fantasy to the fullest.

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