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250. Mercenaries

249. Achievement

248. Modeling

247. Popularity

246. My Gestation

245. Just A Day

244. 3 Triplets

243. Territorial

242. No Funeral

241. Conclusion

240. Major Reneging

239. All Out Fight

238. Cold AEP Units

237. Cold X-Frames

236. A Death

235. Dark Fluid

234. Consequences

233. Betrayal

232. Opponents

231. Loadout

Political Red Tape

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Not a bad plan. We were known to be very independent. If we went, the government did not have to go through all of the legal games of getting warrants and searching the premises. Especially when we all knew that 06-003 would be moved long before the military could get in there. If we did it, they could pretend they had nothing to do with it. It worked for us. We were allies with Wind Clan anyway. They would not turn down our help in this case. It also gave Paul and Brett the excuse to go all out on a major shootout. Paul was the leader and had the final say. He was never going to turn down a mission this fun. Major Idovelli smirked and said "Good. Go get 06-003 and bring him to me first. I need to see what the hell's so special about him. I just looked at him. "The same reason you were so enamored with 06-001 at the bathhouse back then. They are super weapons. If you get them to like you and want to fight for you, you'd be able to do anything you wanted." I answered for him. Major Idovelli just tilted his head. "I see. Let's hope that's all there is. I can't have their tech getting loose."

It would be for the best. Random people gaining access to the AEP organs and all their functions would be total chaos. Crime would skyrocket. It was not good for those who would need to police the streets. I wondered how all of the other members of Wind Clan were dealing with this. I had not been made aware of this. When I asked them Paul, Brett and Hunter did not know anything about this either. That was really weird. If they had this major problem, why not ask for our help? Especially when they had Clan Edge in their territory to help them. There was clearly more to this than meets the eye. I was invested in the mission. Once we returned to our clan building we got in contact with Wind Clan. I got their clan engineer on the line. I asked about the whereabouts of 06-003. "It seems that 06-003 is romping about. I'm sure that he will return shortly. No need for your concern." Brett sighed and said "We already got the job from Major Idovelli. We know that he's missing. Just tell us where he is and why you wanted their military to help you." Their clan engineer just sighed. "I see." he said.

Under the circumstances, all that he could do now was see us as people and tell us what happened. Basically, it was the same reason the military came to us. They also did not want to take the flack of storming the stronghold themselves. Advocates simply did not want to attack humans on principle. They had human allies could do that. I shook my head. The military did not want to deal with the legal and logistical nightmare of interfering with a hostile syndicate. They had us, a morally gray clan of very powerful and independent cyborgs and humans, for that. We knew where the place was. It seemed to be the case that 06-003 had been there for a week and a half. At some random point in the day, he would give Wind Clan a distress signal, but it would go out soon after. Most attempts to get in contact failed. The last time that they did get through, it was when 06-003 told them that he was in trouble. He was being held against his will in some way. He did not know how they were doing it, but they were able to disable him and make him immobile. That was a very interesting detail to know.

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