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76. Two Sluts are Better Than One

75. Streams Can Come True

74. Jon Can't Focus

73. Blondes Have More Fun Right?

72. Stripper Search

71. New Equipment New Desires

70. A Wish to Forget

69. Operation Rock Hard

68. Heart to Heart with Karyn

67. Becoming a Girl(friend)

66. Supervised Dreams

65. Introducing, Marta

64. Zoe's Night Continues

63. Sarah Needs Out

62. Loose Lips

61. Means Girls Create Meaner Girl

60. Toxic Masculinity Solved

59. LinLin Does Some Mothering

58. Reality Rundown

57. Poppin' a Cherry

Two Sluts are Better Than One

on 2024-05-13 12:49:46

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Wearing only his stained wife beater vest, Roy stood with a remote in his hand flicked through the channels on the tv. What a great city this was, you barely needed porn when thanks to Zeus Corps every show had some sort of sexual twist. Even better when you had two sluts to please you at the same time.

Karyn was on her knees in front of him, gagging on his thick cock. Her makeup was almost instantly ruined by the spit and tears, but she was just glad he wasn't being as rough with her as yesterday. Stuffed in her top were 5 dollar bills, after Roy explained it to her that seemed like a fair price for her work. Karyn might be here to spy on this asshole, but she was still a woman of business.

Sarah was still naked and one her knees, but she found herself on the other side of her new Daddy, giving him a loving rimjob. Roy laughed, saying it was good seeing such an uppity bitch her place. All Sarah could say was, "I'm glad I make you feel happy Daddy!"

Karyn couldn't help but feel bad for her supposed "twin". Sure Sarah was a Grade A bitch, but it was clear she didn't realise what life was like when it was taken out of her control. And whatever request Roy had given her to speak so positively about her abuse was clearly tearing the rich girl up inside, behind the perfect smile.

Roy groaned, looking away from a relatively tame dating show where a guy has to choose between two bookish girls to instead stare into Karyn's eyes. "You're such a whore Karyn, you know that?" he said. Of course she knew that, it was literally her job. "You want me more than any other man, right?"

Fuck. Karyn hated the way Roy treated her, pulling her hair, choking her. He had literally no respect for the female gender, preferring to call her a cunt and use her like some sort of perverted sex toy. He couldn't care less about Karyn's problems, her worries or dreams. On top of that, he was a slob, a lazy bully who was obviously involved in some serious criminal affairs. He had no future beyond drugs, sex and violence.

And he was right. She wanted him more than anyone else in her entire life. No schoolgirl crush even came close to how she felt about him. How could he have known?

"What the fuck?" Roy snapped as he looked back at the tv. Karyn and Sarah tore their heads away from their respective jobs and looked at the screen. It was still that ludicrously perverted show where a man has to choose between two prostitutes and who gives the better head. What was Roy so worked up about? He was watching it the entire time!

"I didnt say stop," Roy grunted, using his free hand to shove Sarah's face back between his cheeks, causing her to squeal. Karyn dutifully wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. It was just so big, bigger than any other guy she had been with. Maybe that's why she liked him so much? She cupped both of her breasts, trying to give him a nice bit of cleavage to look at if he cared to look down again. Please look down...

Roy's phone started ringing on the table, and he picked it up. He rested his other hand on Karyn's head, guiding her to bob slowly on his cock. His head kept hitting her in the back of the throat, but her gags didn't stop him.

"Yeah... just waiting her boss... well... yeah I hear you.... Trev's looking for it..." Roy spoke on the phone with a slightly less authoritative tone than usual. Was this the guy looking for the stone, Karyn wondered.

As she looked up at the man, for the first time she noticed tucked underneath his vest was a necklace. Not any old generic chain necklace worn by men so they could pretend they were tough, it was a necklace with some sort of gem poking out in the open. In fact, it looked really similar to the same one worn by Athena yesterday...

"Yeah, I noticed... hot stuff really... what do you mean, of course I have... two of them... ha ha yeah I've got a large appetite I suppose," Roy kept talking on the phone to this mysterious boss. Karyn could barely pay attention, as he was not throat fucking her nearly relentlessly. Her choking was getting more sporadic, as air got harder and harder to come by...

"AH!" Roy cried, releasing Karyn allowing her to gasp for oxygen in the open air. From chin to all down her top was now covered in saliva, and the musky taste of his cock hung in the air around her. She saw Roy cover the receiver of his phone as he glared back at Sarah. The blonde cheerleader just had her head to the ground, not wanting to look at her Daddy.

"Did you just bite me?" Roy said, completely puzzled. Sarah looked up at him, her mouth in a clueless O-shape. "I'm sorry Daddy! I made a silly mistake, I'll get back to pleasing you now if you like!"

Roy looked furious for a second, but thought better of getting in to it and waved his hand at both women to get back to work. "Yes boss, sorry I'm back," Roy was back on the phone, "Meet you where? Alright, sounds good. Yeah, I'll bring 'em."

As Roy talked more on the phone, Karyn looked at Sarah as she was crawling back into her position. Sarah just smiled at her and for the first time ever, Karyn saw a look of compassion in her eyes. Had she done that just so Karyn could breathe? Maybe this girl was more of a fighter than Karyn thought. It was a nice sentiment. And it would be very appreciated, if Karyn didn't have the deep feeling in her pussy that she wanted Roy to do it again. She wanted it so so badly.

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