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10. Following Jon's Mom

9. Mingle

8. Pigtails

7. Jon Says No

6. What the....

5. Hello - My Name is Jon

4. Retreating to Where?

3. Family Retreat

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Family Retreat: Jon's Mom Has Private Matters

on 2024-05-14 22:10:22

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Jon walked off to a far corner of the auditorium, as Jane resumed conversation with the stranger, an average looking man in a brown corduroy suit.

"Will your son be any issue," he asked warily.

"Oh no," Jane reassured him. "He'll be occupied long enough to get away. And the others are already off on their own adventures."

"Good," he said in a lowered tone. "Meet me upstairs at 7, room 372." He slipped her a small bag and swiftly walked off. Jane looked around, Jon was talking to some girls his own age, perfect opportunity.

She stopped at their room, quickly showering and redoing her hair. Still only in her slip, she grabbed the bag and removed a small spray bottle. She gave a few sprays directly in the face, inhaling deeply; then braced herself against the bathroom sink, feeling an immediate tingling all over. This was an extra strong dose, she thought to herself.

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