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75. Streams Can Come True

74. Jon Can't Focus

73. Blondes Have More Fun Right?

72. Stripper Search

71. New Equipment New Desires

70. A Wish to Forget

69. Operation Rock Hard

68. Heart to Heart with Karyn

67. Becoming a Girl(friend)

66. Supervised Dreams

65. Introducing, Marta

64. Zoe's Night Continues

63. Sarah Needs Out

62. Loose Lips

61. Means Girls Create Meaner Girl

60. Toxic Masculinity Solved

59. LinLin Does Some Mothering

58. Reality Rundown

57. Poppin' a Cherry

56. Base of Operations

Streams Can Come True

on 2024-05-11 16:20:13

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Most days Suki streamed on camera while dressed in a comfortable baggy shirt or hoodie, glasses on and hair tied up. But after the wish, she had gone through quite the change. Her hair was not tied in high pigtails, and she had a huge amount of pink blush and glitter on her face. Her lithe body was shown off by a short pink skirt and a tight crop top with the brand GiggleCream on it, with it's feline logo on the front.

More confusing for Marta however, was Suki streamed while sitting on her lap. She was small enough that is was actually very manageable, however every time she jostled when she got shot in-game, her ass would rub quite a lot against Marta's aching cock. Marta did all she could to not moan, just holding onto her roommates waist with one hand, the pink stone still in the other.

Suki was just reading comments, not bothered by the growth under her ass. "Horneebhastord45 says, hope the seat is comfortable. It is, thanks! I love sitting on Marta all day! Hehe!" Suki was super attentive towards the audience, Marta thought. Just unfortunate that it's filled with horny men.

"Ok, looks like we should run ads guys!" Suki said, pairing the game. She shifted in place to sit side on Martha's lap. Marta was sure the camera could see the bulge she was creating. She really needed to touch it, maybe she could jump off stream during these ads...

"Where you going, Marta?" Suki pushed her back onto the chair lightly, "our sponsor needs us both here!" Not wanted to be a bother, Marta sat back down. It was so strange being in front of thousands of people online. She didn't know where to look.

Suki reached to the table and pulled out what looked like a toothpaste tube. "Our sponsor today is GiggleCream from Zeus Corps! Do you ever need to relax? Or get your damn wife or girlfriend to stop talking so much? Try GiggleCream! One squirt of this, and you'll be happier than ever before. And... to give a demonstration, Zeus Corps as asked us to show you how fast it works."

Marta stared as Suki unscrewed the top and revealed the sweet smelling white cream inside. It smelt like... pineapple? "Here we go!" Suki said, and titled her back and poured a healthy amount of the cream into her mouth. With her tongue out, Marta wanted nothing more than to stick her cock head between those lips and thrust. Blowjobs must feel amazing!

Suki held the liquid in her mouth, showing the camera the load much to the creeps delight and turned back to Marta. Before Marta could say a thing, Suki hands pulled her face in and they started to make out. Their tongues lapped each other, and Marta was forced to take as much of the mysterious cream down her throat as possible.

Marta's eyes crossed. What was this? Her brain... it felt... funny. Like it all the synapses in her brain weren't... what was the word? Begins with a U. Two U's. You's? Who's you's? A double of U. W! It began with w...

Suki started giggling. Really really giggling. She nearly fell off Marta's lap entirely. What was so funny? Should Marta laugh too? Yeah, that seemed right.

The two girls just started to laugh harder and harder, but they never stopped touching one another. Almost robotically, their hands kept stroking each other around the neck and face. Eventually, during a really big giggle fit, Suki's hands found it's way to Marta's bulge. And it stayed there.

Marta suddenly stopped giggling and began to moan. She just really wanted Suki to touch it without the fabric in between. Why couldn't she just, reach under...

Suki looked over at the screen, slightly more lucid than her roommate. "GirlWatcher21 says, I wish you girls would just fuck already. Hehehehe, that's like so funny. I totally would, but it's too bad about all those silly platform rules though." Suki was mostly putting this on. Appealing to the horny losers watching only helped pay the bills more and more, and it was relatively harmless.

Marta didn't realise this however. Her brain was on auto pilot, and the girl who was giving her a PG-13 handjob just said something she should probably agree with. "Yeah, I wish we could too."

Now this is entertainment! Can I like get some of that cream in here? I think my brains works too hard sometimes, it must feel good to be just a little dumb for a bit hehe!

This is like, MY kind of wish. Consider me you're totally awesome wing woman Marta, coz those pesky censorship laws are no match for my powers! Bam! Let's have some fun girl! This stream is about to get VERY popular.

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