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13. Jon is distracted by the urge

12. Jon decides to find out more a

11. go to the mirror

10. 3 Months

9. Leaving the Machine

8. More girly changes

7. Few corrections and a fall

6. Slutty

5. Starting slowly

4. Transformation machine

3. Home alone 2

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Sexy Girly Girl: Jon Takes Some Selfies

on 2024-05-11 23:43:31

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Aware Bimbo MTF Magic

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As he considered, Jon continued to scroll through Jenni's posts. He noticed the playful angles, the coy glances, and the subtle reveals of her toned body. The sight of her posing confidently in various outfits, each one designed to accentuate her feminine curves, stirred within him a sense of satisfaction and pride.

A compulsion took hold of him—a compulsion to capture his own beauty. Hesitating slightly, he adjusted his posture in the plush vanity chair as he lifted the phone, positioning it at the perfect angle to capture his face, feeling an inexplicable need to highlight his best features.

He pouted his glossy lips—a gesture that felt natural yet foreign to him—arched his back slightly to emphasize his bust, and gazed into the camera with a sultry expression. It felt foreign yet strangely exhilarating to lean into this overtly feminine display.

He snapped the first photo. But as he reviewed the image, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing—that it lacked the desired allure he sought to convey.

He positioned the camera again, tilted his head slightly, lips forming another soft pout. Jennifer's presence seemed to possess him, dictating every move.


Jon found himself still unsatisfied. The lighting wasn't quite right, or perhaps the angle needed adjustment. Without a second thought, he tapped the camera icon again, positioning himself differently this time, subtly teasing the neckline of his dress to reveal a hint of cleavage.


Again, the photo didn't meet his standards. Jon's focus intensified, his fingers swiping through various filters and adjustments, all while trying to find the perfect pose. He arched his back, his fingers automatically adjusting his hair, tossing it over one shoulder to reveal more of his neckline. Each attempt drew him deeper into Jennifer's world, where appearance was meticulously crafted and curated. He found himself experimenting with different angles.

Click. Swipe. Adjust.

The process was strangely addicting, an endless pursuit of perfection that mirrored Jennifer's own online presence. His initial hesitation melted away, replaced by a growing acceptance of his desire to look alluring and yes, he finally realized, a little bit slutty. Facing this and accepting it, he let go of the last of his inhibitions and snapped a decisive picture. In this final pose, he was leaned forward, his bust on full display, one hand suggestively adjusting his hair. His lips parted in a seductive smile, eyes smoldering.

He felt a rush of fulfillment, as if he had accomplished something significant.

Confidence is the best accessory đź’– #OwnIt #FeelingMyself, he captioned the post as he uploaded it.

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