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73. Blondes Have More Fun Right?

72. Stripper Search

71. New Equipment New Desires

70. A Wish to Forget

69. Operation Rock Hard

68. Heart to Heart with Karyn

67. Becoming a Girl(friend)

66. Supervised Dreams

65. Introducing, Marta

64. Zoe's Night Continues

63. Sarah Needs Out

62. Loose Lips

61. Means Girls Create Meaner Girl

60. Toxic Masculinity Solved

59. LinLin Does Some Mothering

58. Reality Rundown

57. Poppin' a Cherry

56. Base of Operations

55. Minds Think Alike

54. Finding a New Vocation

Blondes Have More Fun Right?

on 2024-05-11 09:38:53

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Sarah's red dress was left on the floor at Trevor's place. She knew it probably costed more than everything in this shitty mobile home, but it turns out she wanted to take it off so Daddy could use it to clean off his sweat. He was totally disgusting, covered in hair and he clearly didn't care about hygiene. But she really wanted to stay with him all night, and that's what she did.

Right now, Daddy Roy was sitting on the busted up sofa, binge watching some trashy tv show called Brainless where girls show off how little knowledge they have. The host of the show sounded like an asshole, making fun of the girls for not knowing stupid stuff like the capital of Madagascar or what 22 plus 47 is. Sarah didn't understand it really, all the losers got to go on vacations or take fun classes like sewing or pole dancing, but the smartest girl would instead be shamed and then given a makeover, which the audience went wild for.

Sarah could only ever hear the show though. Since waking up in bed next to Daddy, she has been very kindly given the duty to rub his feet while he watches his shows. Sometimes, she would get a break from her task to bring him a beer from the near empty fridge, but that was the height of it. Part of Sarah was disgusted by the task, Roy's feet smelling terrible and in huge contrast to her perfect nails. Another part of her was bored, not even allowed to go on her phone. But another part of Sarah just wanted to serve Daddy in any way he wanted.

"How you feeling down there, bitch?" Roy asked, sipping his beer.
"I love your feet Daddy. So manly." He had told her to say that too. He didn't like "his bitches too negative", so any time Daddy asked her something, Sarah would have to come up with something positive to say. Why the fuck was she in this position to a loser like him?
"Good to hear," Roy smirked, "A blonde bitch who knows her place is a sight to see. It's one of my favourite things, ruining a blonde like you, making her truly believe she's nothing but a bit of fuck meat." The glare he had in his eyes told Sarah that he meant it.
He started to rub his crotch, still looking at the television where coincidentally a blonde girl had just won a new handbag for guessing "Indigo" for the question "What movie character famously wields a whip and raiders arks that are lost?"

Roy continued, "Tell you what, I'm getting a bit worked up just thinking about what I'mgoing to do to you. You wanna to beg me to let you fuck your face again?"

Sarah nearly gagged as she remembered last night. When they got back to Trevor's, Roy had pushed her onto her knees and immediately started prodding his cock into her face. She had no choice but to open her mouth and let him use her. Her face was almost certainly still covered in his dried cum, it was still there when she checked the cracked mirror in the bathroom this morning. Usually, guys wouldn't mind Sarah fixing her makeup. But Daddy seemed to enjoy the used look, and running mascara. Worse still, to actually use the gross toilet she had to pull out her designer white coat which Daddy thought would be funny to ruin. She wasn't going to be bringing that home, if she ever got home...

But at the moment he was right. She did want to beg. Curse herself for it but she did. "Please Daddy. I want you to fuck my face again." She wasn't going to indulge him any more than she needed to.
"Good enough for me," Roy said, unbuckling his pants. He was stopped when he heard a knock on the door. "Stay there, blondie." Sarah kept kneeling, not because she wanted to but because she was naked and had nowhere else to go.

Roy opened the door, revealing Karyn. Her blonde hair was perfectly styled, and her wine red skirt and top showed off her fit body and great boobs. Usually Sarah would make some passing remark on how slutty she was dressed. But now, all Sarah could think was "get out of here while you can".

"Well well, what brings a slut like you back?" Roy said, scratching his belly. The asshole wasn't even trying to be sexy.
"I managed to escape Jon and Biff. They got help from one of their friends and told me I wanted to help them," Karyn explained.
"Hmmm," Roy pretended to think, instead just staring at Karyn's breasts, "and you came back... why?"
There was a pregnant pause. Sarah could see Karyn was struggling to say what she was about to say. "I wanted to."

Roy smiled, and motioned to come in. Karyn trotted into the dingy mobile home, but stopped with an open mouth when she saw Sarah, kneeling naked next to the sofa. Sarah just lowered her head. If she were in Karyn's position now, the pictures she would take would have been sent to everyone they knew already. It didn't feel great on the other end of the spectacle.

"You know," Roy said as he reached another beer, "the two of you look quite similar." The two girls looked at each other. They absolutely did not look a like, Karyn's face was much wider and they had completely different types of nose (Sarah had gotten hers for her 18th birthday). But they both instantly knew what Roy meant. They both had great tits, and they both had blonde hair.

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