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72. Stripper Search

71. New Equipment New Desires

70. A Wish to Forget

69. Operation Rock Hard

68. Heart to Heart with Karyn

67. Becoming a Girl(friend)

66. Supervised Dreams

65. Introducing, Marta

64. Zoe's Night Continues

63. Sarah Needs Out

62. Loose Lips

61. Means Girls Create Meaner Girl

60. Toxic Masculinity Solved

59. LinLin Does Some Mothering

58. Reality Rundown

57. Poppin' a Cherry

56. Base of Operations

55. Minds Think Alike

54. Finding a New Vocation

53. Clearing the Mind

Stripper Search

on 2024-05-11 06:36:16

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"It ain't here in here Trev! I checked everywhere!" Carter called out to the group. Diamond's apartment was pretty small, and whatever dignity the immigrant stripper had in her home decor was now smashed against the wall.

Trevor still held his handgun in his hand, although with a lot less tension. He had been up all night being dragged around by Cole and Dick, trying to find the thief of the stone. Apparently, this Russian girl Diamond was known for taking things around the club, but Trevor couldn't help but think he was being pushed around.

Sitting on her couch, Diamond was in a knock off kimono and sandwiched between LinLin and Zoe. When Carter started to smash her pottery she was making a terrible fuss, so Trevor had the bright idea that she wanted to sit there and make out with the two other girls while the men did their business.

LinLin had her lips locked with Diamond, tasting her cheap lip balm. The two strippers held their bodies close, being sure to put on a good show for Cole who had his phone out recording a video. He said it would be great publicity for the club. LinLin had never kissed a girl before, but feeling Diamond's soft skin was so nice! It would only be better if the Russian took control a little more, it seems she was little passive while her home was being searched.

Diamond's kimono was open, and her DD-cup tits were covered in residue of white powder which Zoe was in the midst of licking off. Zoe totally wasn't a lesbian, but she seen how hard it was making the guys seeing her mom and this slut go at it so it was only right she got involved. Trevvy seemed to especially love it when Zoe pinched Diamond's nipples hard with her nails.

Trevor turned to Dick and Cole, who was grinning widely holding his phone up. "You boys have wasted our night, and the bosses night," Trevor said, clearly pissed off.

"W-w-w-wait, maybe it's still back at the club? We could have missed," Dick stammered.
"We searched that place dry as well," Trevor growled, "and honestly, I'm tired of looking at your sorry ass. Get the fuck out of my face, and find me that stone by the end of the day."
Dick didn't argue with the completely unreasonable request, and just quickly left the apartment.

Trevor motioned to Carter, still ignoring the girl's display. "I want you to follow that guy, see where he's headed. If you spot the stone, get it off him no matter what," Trevor whispered to Carter.
Carter's eye twitches nervously. He had clearly taken too much this night. "What about you Trev?"
"My mom always said if you lost something go back to last place you knew where it was. She was a Grade A bitch, but I think she was right," Trevor said, "I'll take this lot back to the club, and I'll call Roy."

"Oi Trevor, dis is sum good stuff," Cole called out. LinLin now had her hand in Diamond's panties, rubbing the girl's clit as they kissed slowly. Zoe was looking straight at the camera, still painfully twisting the blonde stripper's nipples. "I tell you," Cole continued, "We could make some dosh 'ere today. I know a couple video guys who are looking for some camera whores like dis lot."

Trevor was exhausted, but not stupid. Any opportunity to make a bit of money had to be taken. That's the alpha mindset always talked about by Zeus Corps. "Fine. We can yo 50/50 on it. These girls will want to do it for free."

Of course! LinLin was just happy she could be of help to these guys, and Zoe knew it was just right that she wouldn't get paid for her showing her sexuality on camera presumably to be shown on the internet forever without getting paid a single cent for it. The reason? Uhh.. because!

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