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71. New Equipment New Desires

70. A Wish to Forget

69. Operation Rock Hard

68. Heart to Heart with Karyn

67. Becoming a Girl(friend)

66. Supervised Dreams

65. Introducing, Marta

64. Zoe's Night Continues

63. Sarah Needs Out

62. Loose Lips

61. Means Girls Create Meaner Girl

60. Toxic Masculinity Solved

59. LinLin Does Some Mothering

58. Reality Rundown

57. Poppin' a Cherry

56. Base of Operations

55. Minds Think Alike

54. Finding a New Vocation

53. Clearing the Mind

52. Escape from Deadbeat Manor

New Equipment New Desires

on 2024-05-03 11:15:44

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Marta couldn't think about what could have went wrong. Why would a genie make this happen? There was no smart twisting of words at play here, the rock just got it wrong! This is just completely irrelevant to forgetting about Dick!

Instead of her pussy, the pink flash had given her a throbbing hard cock. Marta could feel the strange sensation of her blood rushing to fill it, making it stand tall and firm. She had not seen many cocks before (ok... she hadn't seen any cocks before) but this thing was absolutely huge by any standard. Wrapping two of her hands around it barely covered the thing, but the feeling of her dainty fingers moving up and down just felt so good.

Marta found herself starting to jerk off, rolling her hips as she fucked her hands. How do guys do anything else? Her new balls bounced lightly, another alien feeling to Marta, and her mind started to race. Oddly, she thought of Dick again. She didn't usually masturbate to the thought of him, and it was even more strange because she had just wished to not think about him as much.

But slowly, Marta found herself instead think about LinLin in her slutty tinkerbell costume. Have her boobs always looked so good? Those lips must feel great wrapped around that cock...

Coming to terms slowly with this new part of her sexuality, Marta was interrupted by a text on her phone:

Suki: you awake? Hop on my stream, I'm about to hit gold!

Her roommate Suki was still gaming in the next room. Marta was always too nervous to tell her that she wasn't interested in all of that gaming stuff, but being a good friend meant she always tried to show support for her career. Even if that meant being the only person in her audience even though they were in the same apartment.

Trouble is, Marta was enjoying her new equipment too much. Her brain was filled with endorphins, and her cock was calling for more attention. She didn't want to tune in to some shitty stream. Is that the way she thinks now? It feels good.

Marta reaches her hand over to the stone again. "I wish Suki had a big audience for her stream today."

Hehe that looks like so much fun Marta! We totally need to go out and get you laid, test everything out in style. I would offer, but in the corporeal world I'm just a silly little rock with like zero cleavage. Boo.

I feel so sorry for Suki, she just wants to be popular. Well, Bubblegum can help with that! Let's go with a little makeover... some great new sponsors... plenty of guys to watch... hmm. This like isn't feeling right.

Oh! Marta, you should like be involved too! Two girly roommates who stream together would be fun! Plus, more money means more parties!

Marta was still in her room, but some things had changed. Her lights were now LED strips, giving a blue and purple glow. On her wall was now a rack covered in various chains and collars. Marta had never thought about stuff like that before, but looking at those collars made her cock twitch even more.

She got another text from Suki: get out here, the stream has started.

Marta looked at the rock in her hand. What sort of wish granting rock is this?

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