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4. Amelia’s Friend Chloe

3. Amelia Bennett

2. Choose a new life

1. The Drafting Board


on 2024-05-08 13:44:57
Episode last modified by Ice on 2024-05-09 02:28:40

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Aware MTF Magic

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As I sit there, taking in the rush of sensations and the realization of my new form, I am drawn to the person behind the camera. I turn my head slightly, my blonde hair falling softly around my shoulders, and catch a glimpse of a familiar face.

It's my friend Chloe, her eyes bright with excitement as she captures the moment. She's smiling warmly, happy to see me enjoying myself. Chloe has been a close friend for years, and her presence brings a sense of comfort.

With a soft chuckle, Chloe lowers her phone and moves to join me at the table. "Looking fabulous, as always, Amelia!" she exclaims, her British accent laced with affection. "I can't wait for everyone to arrive. It's going to be a fantastic evening."

I can't help but feel a surge of gratitude for her friendship and support. Though my surroundings may be unfamiliar, the bond I share with Chloe seems to be a source of strength.

I shake my head, blonde tresses falling in front of my face. What is this bond I’m feeling? That must be Amelia’s personality seeping through. Woah. I’d have to be careful to not lose myself, although I reminded myself that the spell meant that I would not lose my sense of self.

I instinctively brush the fallen hair out of my face and it takes me a moment to realise that that should NOT be instinctual at all—as a man I always had short hair. But I performed the action so daintily and girlishly! It was second nature! Chloe is starting to say something and I can hear voices behind me approaching; the other friends must be coming to the able now. As I am contemplating how my very mannerisms are different, Chloe says…

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