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7. The Do Over

6. The Fairy King

5. Jon stops by the Lake Point Ma

4. Meet 40 year old Jon

3. Jon wishes the stone to his fu

2. Jon tries to get some sleep

1. You Are What You Wish

The Do-Over

on 2024-05-05 01:53:10

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"YOU WEREN'T RESPONSIBLE, YOU WERE BORING!!" Oberon suddenly bellowed, slamming his glass down on to the side table. "Do you have any idea how pissed Titania has been with me for nudging the stone towards such a dull mortal? I get to choose how the wishes are granted, but you just had to be so damn specific with how you locked the stone away..." The fairy took a deep breath as he began to pour another drink. "No matter, it's all in the past. You have finally made a wish, and things can get back on track."

"Wait, you mean when I said-"

"I just wish there was some way we could both turn our fortunes around," Oberon finished for him with a smug smile, "referring to yourself and the failing Lakepoint Mall. A lovely vague sort of wish that gave me the opportunity to intervene personally. I'm here to give you that 'way' to turn around your fortunes, Jon. So sit back, and have a drink, because I've got a deal for you!"

"I've seen enough movies to know you don't make deals with the powerful magical being," Jon said. "It's a trick."

"I'm not some cartoon devil," the fairy king remarked. "I don't want your soul. You know what I want. I know what you want. I don't particularly care what you want, but if it will produce the result I want...You made a wish. You want your fortunes turned around? And the mall? You get a do-over, as you mortals call it. When we are done, you'll get a second chance. However...some things will be different. If the mall and your life are doing well by the time you reach this same point, then it's over. You get what you want. If you aren' go again...with some more differences. And again. And again."

"So...all I have to do is to turn my fortunes around? What does that mean?"

"It was your wish," Oberon said. "The loop will end when you feel you have satisfied the wish, not I. That's what makes it so entertaining. You are your own jailer."

"What if I say no?"

"You already wished it."

"While the world is trapped in an endless time loop?"

"Well, all the more reason to fix it quickly," he said. "If you care about that problem. Which we've established I don't."

"What is going to be different?"

"Random things. Can't have you knowing everything that is going to happen. You've heard of the butterfly effect, mortal. Unless you did exactly the same things...things would change regardless. Good luck...and try not to be so boring this time?"

There was a flash of light and suddenly....

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