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244. 3 Triplets

243. Territorial

242. No Funeral

241. Conclusion

240. Major Reneging

239. All Out Fight

238. Cold AEP Units

237. Cold X-Frames

236. A Death

235. Dark Fluid

234. Consequences

233. Betrayal

232. Opponents

231. Loadout

230. Nickname

229. Committing

228. Big Team

227. Breeders

226. Baby PEAs

225. 5 Chips

Reuniting with Liam

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23% was his current success rate. It meant that all his memory nanites were red when he blew his load. Wayne gave me the same countdown he gave Dawg. "Memory nanite ejection confirmed." he told me. I was able to use it to get pregnant. My fertility score was in the hundreds after all. Even if it was at the initial 5%, we would be able to have as many children as I wanted. Wayne pulled out and looked a bit disappointed. For him, every time he blew a load without making a chip was a loss. That was in his programming. He quickly got over it. Technically, they were not supposed to have offspring. His chips would make him immortal. I decided to have some good triplets this time. They would all be hybrids at level 250. Clan Edge would never have to worry about jobs again. The kid would ensure everything went alright. It would take an army to keep them down. I'd keep 2 of them and they could take the other in the morning. "It felt really good. Thanks Wayne." I praised. He just looked over very nervously. "Sure. It's the least I can do after all your clan has done to help us." he said.

Peter ended up fucking Brett. I knew this because he could not stop whining. "I thought he was pissing blood in me!" Brett complained. Paul and I did not want to hear it because it was yet another instance of him sharing too much information. I told Clan Edge to stay until the next day. When I told them that they would be presented with something of immense value, they were definitely interested. Ramon tried to get me to tell him what it was. There was no way that I would tell him. Especially when I knew he would share it with Mateo. I just smirked at him and said "You'll have to wait and see. It is worth the wait." He frowned, but went about his business. Dawg was next to approach me. He looked at me and said "I'm sorry about the data leaks. There were too many errors." I smiled and said "That's fine. Clan Edge is our ally. They're led by humans just like our clan is." Dawg looked really amazed by this. "I think that it's great that humans and cyborgs can work together." he said. With that, I left him. I had to think about something. What would I do with the spare X-frame!? I had an idea.

Just as it came to me, someone walked up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. I looked at him and squinted my eyes. He looked somewhat familiar. He was a PEP. It seemed he could tell I was having trouble. "I am Liam! Do you remember me? You gave me the semen replicator. I told you I would be back when I had made something of myself." Thinking back on it, I did remember. I met him in that club. He was the guy that was upset that he could not get me pregnant even though he knew he could only shoot blanks. I crossed my arms. "I remember you. What took you so long?" I asked him. He smiled and said "I founded my own clan here." That was certainly something cool. I uncrossed my arms. "That's amazing Liam. I'm already pregnant right now. Maybe later. I look forward to seeing what you will get up to." I said. He just looked at me with a determined look. "I'll show you what I can do." he said before walking down the street. I returned to the clan building soon after. I asked Paul what he had been up to while we were away fighting. He was just babysitting all the AEP units.

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