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9. The Heels Make The Man

8. Bunny Slippers

7. Calming Mom Down

6. Have It Your Way

5. Jon's in Trouble (ALT)

4. His Mom Finally Finds Her Shoe

3. On the other foot.

2. Another mom episode.

1. You Are What You Wish

Her Shoes: The Heels Make The Man

on 2024-05-02 21:07:34

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Finished with breakfast, Jon went back to his room to get some clothes, as it was getting late, he decided to put on a crumpled white T-shirt he found thrown in a corner of his room, a pair of snug, slightly ripped dark blue jeans he almost always wore to school except for the times his mother took them away to be washed, and to finally complete the look, his beloved footwear, a pair of stylish 3" pumps, a sharp contrast to the rest of his outfit. With that, he was finally ready to leave.

Walking down to the bus stop, it was clear how much the heels affected the boy's movement, each step was a different challenge of balance and posture, with him constantly shifting his hips side to side to better help control his walk. A smile on his face showed how much he liked walking on heels, it was something that demanded many different skills and a good amount of body conscience to properly walk, much akin to the sports he loved to take part on.

At the bus stop, Jon stood tall and confident, his pumps accentuating the lenght of his legs. With one leg to the side and a hand on his hip, he had a look you would only see on the most confident of women, but this time it was a young man ready to kick ass in gym class.

Arriving at school, he was almost immediatly approached by his friend Karyn, who looked a bit tired.

Leaving no room for a proper greeting, Karyn began, "Jon pleeeease tell me you have the stone with you" she said while slouching forward slightly.

Jon surprised at this sudden encounter, looked at his friend's worn out expression and replied "Are you okay Karyn? What do you need the stone for?"

"My boobs are too heavy" She continued after a brief pause "I love their new size, but I didn't know that they would be so hard to carry around. Can you wish for them to be a bit smaller?"

"You know the stone can't reverse wishes"

"But there must be a way for them not be such a burden! Wish for them to be lightweight perhaps? Maybe make me stronger and resilient?" Karyn stood thinking for a moment "On second thoght, scratch that second suggestion, it would probably just give me big ugly muscles"

"I think I know a way, let me just..." Jon searched all over his jeans for the stone with no luck finding it "Uhmm..." Jon then remembered how last night he placed the stone on his mother's nightstand before going in for a hug.

"Can you put up with your added weight for a little longer? I might have left the stone at home" He looked at her apologetically


"Cmon, aren't you the amazing Karyn? If anyone could do it, it would be you"

"Ugh, fine. But you owe me one"

With that, they both headed to their own classes, with each of Jon's step making the unmistakeable sound of clicking heels on concrete.

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