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8. Bunny Slippers

7. Calming Mom Down

6. Have It Your Way

5. Jon's in Trouble (ALT)

4. His Mom Finally Finds Her Shoe

3. On the other foot.

2. Another mom episode.

1. You Are What You Wish

Her Shoes: Bunny Slippers

on 2024-05-01 01:03:25

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After a good night of sleep, Jane woke up from her slumber with a good stretch and rose from her bed feeling well rested; she put on her cozy old slippers, that had a blue-gray checkered pattern much like her husband's pair.

She then noticed a weird stone in her bedside table. Looking closely at it she concluded that it must be Jon's stone from that box. "He must have forgotten it here when he came to talk to me last night. It must be important to him since it was in a special box. I'll take it with me and give it to him before I leave" Said Jane while picking up the stone and heading down to prepare breakfast for her children.,

On her way down she made sure to wake up Mikey and Zoe, as they took a little longer to get ready than Jon. After some time, she noticed that Jon was still in his room, presumably sleeping after staying up late last night, but it was getting late and she worried he would miss the bus again.

Jane tried opening Jon's bedroom door, but it was locked, she then resorted to the only thing she could: knocking and yelling at him.

"knock knock Jon wake up, breakfast is ready!" No reponse from Jon "You're going to miss the bus if you don't get up soon! knock knock knock"

Seeing as there was complete silence coming from his room, she decided it would be better to not be late to work and asked Mikey to make sure his brother is awake after he was done eating breakfast.

As she drove to work, Jane suddenly remembered she still had Jon's stone with her. "I'll give it to him after work" Jane thought to herself "It's probably just a lucky stone, he won't miss it if it goes missing for a day"

Back home, Jon was already awake when she went to talk to him. He was just on his phone procrastinating getting up. But after his mother had given his door a good few knocks, he knew that if he didn't get up soon, she would be mad at him. Moreover, he had gym class today, he wouldn't want to miss his favorite class by being late to school. So he finally got up from his bed and put on his pair of white bunny slippers and went down to eat breakfast.

After opening his door, he saw Mikey standing in front of it. "Mom asked me to wake you up, are you up already?"

"Looks like you were too late shortie" Responded Jon playfully.

"I'm not short" Said Mikey angrily and looked down at his feet. Noticing the bunny slippers Jon was wearing, he completely forgot what he was mad about and proceeded to ask "Jon these are so cool, can I have them?"

"No" Simply answered Jon. "Dad gave these to me when I was your age. Maybe he'll give you a pair if you ask nicely"


"I don't know" And with that Jon went down to eat breakfast and get ready for school.

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