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4. Meeting Suzzy

3. Examining my suroundings

2. Full power

1. The Future of Gaming

Meeting Suzzy

on 2011-06-05 12:06:01

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The main monster cave was literally crawling with monsters. There were all kinds mingling in the only place were no other player would look down on them. I saw minatours, Furries, a couple gorygons with veils over their faces. I quickly headed up the stairs into the main city. There were about a hundred players gathered in the courtyard. On the other side of the courtyard was another tunnel that had a sign next to it that said Shadow monsters. I quickly found Suzzy sitting on a bench under a tree. As I walked towards her, people parted away from me, not wanting to get stepped on. I stood next to her and said, "looking for someone."
She turned to me with a puzzled look on her face. After a minute she said, "David?"
"They call me Glalzath here."
"This is great!" I gave her a puzzled look. "Well, I got us into a quest group that's going to hint monsters, they usually pick up noobs to help them level up, for a small share of any gold they get. They'll be really happy to have you on their side."
"That's cool. When will they get here?"
"That's them now." She was pointing at a group just now entering the courtyard.

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