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3. Examining my suroundings

2. Full power

1. The Future of Gaming

Examining my surroundings

on 2011-06-04 11:50:59

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As I woke up, all I saw was some green scales. I craned my head around and looked at my surroundings. I was in a fairly large enclave off of a main cave. Beneath me was some stones. None of them were vary valuable, but it was a start. There were ten other enclaves around the cave. Each of them contained other Drakans or empty caves like mine. In the middle was a stone that red: Drakans Cave 1. I pulled myself out of the enclave and stretched. It was amazing the power I felt in my body. I found out that Dragons actually had lactating breasts like mammals. Unlike humans, dragons had six. Although each was the same size as a human D cup, with my new body they didn't seem very large. Moving my tail or flapping my wings felt as was as moving my legs. My front legs ended in feet that were very much like human hands and had thumbs. Quietly, so as not to wake my fellow Drakans, I lumbered out of the cave down the tunnel. Even though I was five feet wide and 15 feet tall, the tunnel could easily hold someone twice the size of me. The cave was probably 300 feet long but it felt like nothing with my new body. I reached a larger cave that also had 12 entrances. Each of the tunnels had a dragon subrace and the number above it. In the center was about twenty other players of various dragon races. The only other feature was a pile of various dead animals in the middle. Self councilor of the fact that I was a noob, I quietly lumbered into the main chamber. Fortunately, another Drakan walked over to me and introduced himself as Slazera. "Noob, right?"
"Is it that obvious?"
"You walk really stiff as if your not used to a body like this. Also, I never smelled you before." As he said that, I realized each of them had a different scent.
"Could you tellmme how to get to the surface?"
"Shure. Head down the tunnel that says main monster cavern, then go up the stairs marked surface. You'll come out at the main courtyard, were other players meat to join quest parties." I thanked him for his time and then headed in the direction he pointed to.

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