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3. Kayrn Skinsuit Cosplay plan's

2. Creating the Skinsuit Dimesion

1. You Are What You Wish

The Skinsuit Dimesion: Bringing Karyn Along

avatar on 2024-04-26 10:06:36

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Not wanting to do anything without Karyn around he shifted back home for the day. Then the next day after school He brought Karyn into his room to show her the result of his newest wish. He took her hand and shifted right back to the Skin-suit dimension.

“Wow this place is creepy Jon.” Karyn said pulling out a random skinsuit and examine it. It texture feeling like real hollowed out human skin. “it’s like serial killers really large basement.”

“I know.” Jon said awkwardly. “But each of these skinsuits can transform you into a whole new person, all without having risk using the rock to do so. It’s probably safest way to experiment with it.”

“True I suppose, maybe I could fix myself…” Karyn started to say “Or I got a better idea we could use this to our advantage. Their is an anime convention coming to town this week and their a cosplay contest with a prize of ten thousand dollars.”

“Karyn you know we still have a magic wishing rock right?” Jon asked

“Well yeah but haven’t you even seen any wish based story-line in a cartoon?” Karyn asked. “Money is always the wish that is always twisted into something bad. We shouldn’t risk it.”

Jon had to admit Karyn had a point, while rock hasn’t shown itself to malicious yet, thinking about it with it being unable to reverse effects not only could a poorly worded money wish could ruin their lives but they be unable to fix it. Images of the IRS arresting his family over money that came from nowhere or summoning a million “bucks” into the neighborhood and have them cause trouble until animal control could deal with it. It was probably for the best to not mess with money wishes.

“OK you got a point.” Jon admitted. “So what should we go as? I thinking personally going as Kamina from Guren Lagann maybe or maybe Vash from Trigun.”

“First off we going both as girls.” Karyn said


“Yeah haven’t you heard, men can have the most elaborate and perfect cosplay but they’ll always lose to a supermodel in a cheap store bought Sailor moon outfit.” Karyn explained. “I say to maximize our chances by both going as girls.”

“No… I not going as weird.”

“Come on it only for a day or so” Karyn said” We’ll split the prize between us and with 5k you could get that playstation with all the games you could ever want.

“Fine…. But only for a day or so then we never talk about it again.”

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