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2. Creating the Skinsuit Dimesion

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Skinsuit Dimesion

avatar on 2024-04-25 10:28:18

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Jon always had a desire to have to try out different more exciting life, while the wishing rock could grant that desire, he already seen how dangerous careless wishing could be with Karyn. One misworded wish and he could be stuck in a undesirable situation. He had to to do this carefully.

“Hmmmm let's see how about I wish I had access to a sub dimensional area that had wearable skinsuits of every person real and fictional that would magically change my body into them.” Jon wished.

The stone glowed for a bit before stopping. Jon wondered for a moment if something even happened. He tried to think of accessing that dimension he wished for and then suddenly his room shifted to what looked to be the inside of an extremely large warehouse. He was surrounded by endless rows of what looked to be hollowed skins of people, a bit eerie really.

“Wow this place is so big, I wish I knew how to navigate this place.” Jon said.

Suddenly a piece of paper appeared in Jon’s hands. He read it very carefully.

Congratulations you now own this magic warehouse of skinsuits. Here are the instructions for it use.

  1. You will always find the specific skinsuit you are looking for quickly if you are actively looking for it.

  2. You can take any skinsuit back to your world and it will still be usable.

  3. We have the extractor to remove your true body and make the skinsuit your real body.
    3a. If you leave the dimension like that, reality will adjust for your new form.

  4. We have the portal that will allows to take over the life of the person who’s suit you are wearing. However you need to have your real body extracted to use it.
    4a. You can adjust the portal to determine an exact time of that person life you want to take over and how much of the original personal personality and skills you want have injected into your mind.
    4b. If you use the portal you can still access this sub dimension.

  5. Our new feature is the fusion device, you can fuse together up to 4 skin suits to make an amalgam skinsuit. (warning this feature is still experimental and may lead unexpected results.)

“Wow this places sounds great I got show Karyn this.” Jon said said to himself.

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