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2. Full power

1. The Future of Gaming

Full Power

on 2011-06-04 22:51:04

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I quickly deacided that I should go for a creature with extreme strength for my first run. I lookedover the species list until I found dragon. After I selected it, a pop up came asking me if I wanted a subspecies. I looked over the list and chose Drakan. These dragons were longer and slimmer than the traditional dragon. I then proceeded to fill out the rest of the stats.
Name - Glalzath
Gender - Female
Race - Dragon
Sub-race - Drakan
Age - 20
Level - 1
EXP - 0/10

Dragon Female Appearance
Scale Color: Emerald Green
Eyes: Emerald Green
Height: 15'
Length: 50'
Weight: 1000
Chest: 20' D
Handedness: Right

Right: none
Left: None

Head: None
Upper Body: None
Lower Body: None
Legs: None
Feet: None
Under: None

Class - Rouge
Personality - Arrogant, Protective, Crafty
Specialties - Fire Breathing, Samshing, Claw Work, Crafty Thinking
Items - None

I had to admit, this was defiantly going to be fun.

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