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2. Jon tries to get some sleep

1. You Are What You Wish

The Stone Weighs on Jon's Mind

avatar on 2024-04-17 19:51:17

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”Karyn! Nooooo!!!” Jon cried as Karyn flipped her light blonde hair over her shoulder and sprinted away with Jon’s wishing stone. “It’s too powerful!” Jon tried to run after Karyn, but his feet felt like they weighed 1,000lbs. “Noooo!!!!” Jon reached forward in Karyn’s direction and the world around him began to distort like he was living in a funhouse mirror.

Jon sat straight up in bed. His eyes darted over to digital clock on his nightstand. ”It’s only 4am?..” Jon mumbled as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Looking up at his bedroom ceiling Jon took a moment to catch his breath. “Why?..” Jon's internal monologue asked. ”Why am I having nightmare’s?..” Jon looked back down to his disheveled sheets. He had clearly been tossing and turning while the nightmare had played out in his head. Letting out a deep sigh, Jon straightened his sheets and laid back down to go back to sleep. ”No more nightmares.” Jon thought as he closed his eyes.

After several minutes of laying there, with his mind still racing, Jon rolled over and squinted at the clock on his nightstand. ”It’s only been 15 minutes...” Jon internally groaned. ”It feels like it’s been an hour...” Jon rolled over to his other side and looked across the room at his desk where the wishing stone sat. ”Why are you torturing me like this?” Jon asked as his memories of Karyn’s wish from yesterday played on repeat in his brain. ”I didn’t make that wish. Karyn did! It’s not my fault.” Jon tossed the covers off his body and sat up in bed. ”This is too much power and too much responsibility!” Jon’s hands began to tremble as his eyes darted around his room. ”I’m not old enough... or mature enough... or... or... I just don’t want this pressure anymore! I don’t want this burden!” Jon could feel tears begin to form in the corner of his eyes. “I don’t want you!” Jon scolded the stone under his breath. “I don’t want to deal with you. I can’t handle this right now. I just want to be a normal teen.” Jon rolled out of bed and walked over to the stone.

Snatching it off his desk Jon studied the stone in the dim moon light coming through the window. “No...” Jon sat the stone back down on his desk. “Grandpa gave this to me for a reason.” Jon turned and looked towards his bed. “I can’t just get rid of it, but there’s no way I’m falling back asleep...” Jon mumbled as he turned back to his desk and the stone. “If only I could wish you to my future self.” Jon paused as his words replayed in his brain. ”Maybe that’s a good idea.” Jon pulled the chair out from his desk and sat down. ”What if you were future Jon’s problem?” Jon leaned in close to the stone. “I bet 20 year old Jon would love to have you...” Jon thought as he tried to envision himself at 20 years old.

In his head Jon could see himself in his dorm room. A knock on the door caused Jon to hop up from his chair and walk over to the door. Opening the door, Jon was greeted by an impossibly beautiful Asian girl. “Hey Babe!” She said pulling Jon down for a passionate kiss. “What’s the plan for tonight?” She asked as she headed into Jon’s dorm room. Jon watched on as the petite vixen strutted over to Jon’s chair and sat down. “Is it just us? Or is Sheila joining us?” The girl paused and tapped her index finger on her bottom lip. “Or maybe Jade? O! How about Ashley? Or Megan?” The girl hoped up from the chair and bounced over to Jon. “Come on babe, who are we adding to the orgy tonight?”

Jon’s focus snapped back to the stone. ”Maybe a horny 20 year old isn’t the best person to gift a wishing stone too...” Jon closed his eyes and imagined himself as a 30 year old. ”Okay at 30 I would definitely have a wife.” A an attractive black woman appeared next to 30 year old Jon. ”And we would probably have a kid.” A baby appeared in his wife’s arms. ”Well... Maybe a couple kids...” A little rugrat appeared next to Jon. ”That wouldn’t be so bad.” Jon thought as he smiled at the vision of his 30 year old self and his happy little family. ”I’m sure I wouldn’t make any...” The little girl next to 30 year old Jon began tugging on Jon’s shirt at the same time as the baby in his wife’s arms began to cry. The happy smiles on 30 year old Jon and his wife’s faces faded away and the two appeared exhausted.

”I can already see where this is going.” Jon shook his head to reset his imagination like an Etch-a-Sketch. ”If gifting a stressed out and tired 30 year old me would be a bad idea, what about 40 year old me?” Jon once again envisioned himself. ”I'll of course be a fit and handsome 40 year old” Jon thought as he studied his healthy and handsome 40 year old self. ”And of course...” A short Latina popped up next to 40 year old Jon and a pair of teens next to her. The two teens seemed disinterested in Jon and his wife and just kind of wandered off into nothingness. ”That wouldn’t be bad.” Jon thought as he studied his older self and his quite fetching wife. ”I wouldn’t be stressed with little kids... I wouldn’t be dumb and horny... But I would be just old enough to really enjoy the stone. Maybe 40 is the sweet spot.” Jon paused and racked his brain for potential faults in his plan, but his sleepy brain couldn’t come up with any. ”I guess then 40 year old Jon is going to get the wishing stone... Hmm... I guess if I’m 40, that makes me a man.” Jon internally chuckled.

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