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5. After Dinner

4. Lets Try That Again

3. A Familiar Familiar

2. My best friend is a Witch and

1. The Drafting Board

After Dinner

on 2024-04-11 13:48:30

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Animal MTF Magic

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The two friends returend to Sabrina's room after dinner. Sabrina reflexively started to change her clothes into a more comfortable pair of sweats. J initially intended to remind her of his presence, but the human male part of his brain throught the better of it. If he was going to lose his identity, he might has well be able to ogle his best friend from time to time.

"I know you watched" Sabrina said with a sly smile. "It's alright. You've pledged our life to me, the last I can do is give you a little show."

J jumped off the bed with cat-like grace. "I didn't hide it. Anyway, can you please make me a man again. A human man. This is highly uncomfortable."

"If I had control over this, you wouldn't have had to spend a few minutes as my friend and sister."

J pondered the issue silently for a while as he licked his new fur. "I hate that I'm about to say this but, all things considered, it doesn't seem like I'm getting out of this situation anytime soon. Can you make me your biological brother? That would allow me to stay around you without being some type of animal."

"What's wrong with being an animal? I've always wanted a dog." J's cat form started to quickly grow before Sabrina grabbed him and apologized, causing his form to stabilize as that of a black cat. She chuckled, "Sorry, sorry." He pulled out the grimoire and tried her best to fulfill her friends wish.

J felt a weird pain and opened his eyes to see that he was once again at Sabrina's eye line. "Thank you so much!" The excitement left his voice mid sentence. Again, he heard the high pitched sound of a young woman. "Sabrina!"

"I tried! You can't yell at me for trying! Anyway, you aren't something new this time, look." She pulled out her phone and showed J a picture of his form. Once again, he looked strikingly like Sabrina but this time he appeared to be her same age.

"I'm your sister again. I don't do deal with these, make me a man!" J yelled while groping his new breasts.

"At least we're the same age this time. Look, as far as we can tell, you're going to keep changing, so you might as well take a human form while you can. I didn't want you to be my sister, but here we are!"

Unlike before, Sabrina's response was not entirely honest. She was born as an only child and she always imagined what it would be like to have a sister. It wasn't her intention to make J fill that role, but she wasn't unhappy about the idea.

"Tomorrow you can help me learn to control my magic and we can hopefully figure out a way to focus it well enough to make you comfortable. Deal?"

J finally looked down at himself and ran his slim fingers through his flowing black hair. "Fine. I'll put up with this for now, but we are fixing this the first moment we can."

Sabrina turned away to hide her smile.

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