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4. Lets Try That Again

3. A Familiar Familiar

2. My best friend is a Witch and

1. The Drafting Board

Lets Try That Again

on 2024-04-11 13:28:19

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J, still refused to look down at his body through his now long strands of blonde hair. "What magic can you do? Can you make your mother forget about that conversation so I can get out of here?"

"That's a little complex, but I'll see what I can do." Sabrina pulled out a dusty old tome and began to read something in a foreign language.

Sabrina's mother could be heard yelling from the floor below. "Sabrina, Hannah, dinner is ready!"

"Hannah?" J said with a high-pitched but distinctly different voice. Long strands of hair continued to block his vision but they now appeared pitch black instead of blonde.

"Woah," whispered Sabrina. "You look like me, but, different."

J reluctantly got to his feet and made his way to a nearby mirror. Indeed, he now looked like a slightly younger version of Sabrina. He couldn't help but peek a quick glimpse downward towards his new feminine chest, encased in a tight black corset.

The door burst open again to reveal Sabrina's mother. She stopped at the sight of Hannah with a confused expression. "I can't remember the last time I saw you hanging out in your sister's room. Don't make me yell again, dinner is going to get cold."

After she left the room, J again turned to Sabrina and gave her the most aggressive stare he could muster. "Younger sister?"

"What do you want from me? She forgot that my friend was supposed to join us for dinner. I didn't think that would turn you into my sister. I don't even have a sister... speaking of which." Sabrina jumped off her bed and rushed out of her room. "J, er, Hannah, come here!"

J reluctantly got up and followed her. Each step caused distinctly new sensations throughout his young female body. Outside the door, he was gestured to a room down the hallway that he didn't remember. It was a sizable room with walls covered in punk posters. Black clothes covered the floor and several lacy bras laid across the bedpost. In the corner of the room was a closet that appeared to overflow with similarly styled dresses.

"Dude," Sabrina said, "this is my new sister's room!"

J hated the idea. "Try again damn it!"

"Seriously, you won't spend a single dinner as my sister? How often does this type of thing happen?

"Again Sabrina!" J demanded.

"Fine." Sabrina readied the grimoire and cast another spell. This time the change was far less subtle. He opened his eyes to see Sabrina towering over him like a giant. Looking down, he witnessed the distinct sight of a cat's paws outstretched in front of him.

J growled, but the sound was distinctly human and male. "Sabrina?" It was his old voice coming out of the body of a small black cat.

"Hey, you're probably out of dinner now" Sabrina joked as she tried not to meet J's gaze. "Honestly, I half expected a change like this when you first accepted the pact.

"Sabrina, I'm not living the rest of my life as your cat" J growled before reluctantly following Sabrina down the stairs into the dining room. As she ate dinner with her family, J curled himself around her foot.

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