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3. A Familiar Familiar

2. My best friend is a Witch and

1. The Drafting Board

A Familiar Familiar

on 2024-04-11 11:25:21

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Animal Anthro Aware MTF Magic Musc

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Streams of light left Sabrina's wand, leaving a trail of sparkles as they approached J. Moments later, they both opened their eyes to an odd sight. J's appearance hadn't changed.

"Weren't you supposed to change me?" J asked, incredulously as he examined himself.

"You're supposed to take on my dream form, or at least a form that is supposed to encapsulate the ideal form of my magic power. Maybe I like the way you look normally more than I thought."

"Funny," J said, still concerned about the situation.

"Hey, at least at least you're not a cat or a blonde bimbo, I imagine this form is more comfortable for you."

J was about to agree with her but he stopped when his skin began to itch. Looking down, he watched small black hairs sprout from every inch of his exposed skin. A second later, the hairs started to turn yellow and J's chest started to slowly expand into feminine mounds. "OKAY, NOT COOL" he yelled.

"I'm kidding! Jeez! I like you the way you were born" Sabrina yelled in a panic. This was certainly not her intention, but as the words left her mouth, J's new fur and breasts started to recede back into his body. "Huh..." She pondered the transformation for a moment. "Maybe you have taken the form of my dreams. It's just that those dreams aren't as set in stone as I thought they were."

"This isn't funny Sabrina! Are you telling me that I'm going to change forms every time you talk about me?"

This was a good question, Sabrina thought. Did she have to describe the change or was desiring it enough? She walked up to J and placed her hand on his cheek. A second later, J's brunette hair turned a crimson red and his muscles expanded to give J an athletic physique. "I don't think I have to say it, you'll change to whatever my ideal form is at any given time."

Just then, there was a knock at the door. "Shit Mom's home!" Sabrina panicked slightly, she wasn't supposed to have boys over without permission.

"What!?" J yelled.

"Sabrina! Did I just hear a boy in there?" Loud footsteps could be heard approaching the door.

Sabrina panicked, "No Mom, it's just Casey!" Just then, the door violently swung open. J gulped, terrified at the yelling that was certain to come but Sabrina's mother appeared to be relieved at the sight of him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Hey Casey. Are you staying for dinner tonight?"

"Wha... of course Ms. Redwoods, if it isn't a burden." J shivered at the sound of his voice. He didn't have to look down to know that he must have turned into an exact copy of Sabrina's best female friend, Casey Rivers.

As soon as the door closed, Sabrina quickly turned to J and apologized. "Dude, I'm so sorry, I didn't intend for you to become Casey, I guess it was the form I needed you to be in at the time." She chuckled. "Here one second and I'll get you back."

J watched as Sabrina closed her eyes and appeared to focus intently, but the clearly feminine sensation of his new body didn't change. "Sabrina..."

"I'm trying dude! Maybe it's not working because I need to keep my mom in check and she now thinks Casey is coming to dinner tonight."

"I don't care. Use your magic and actually bring Casey here if you have to!"

"It doesn't work like that. Or at least, not yet. I still have a ton to learn about magic, which is half the reason I needed a good familiar like you by my side."

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