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210. Boy Toy

209. A Rent Boy

208. Susanna

207. New Vows

206. More Churches

205. Big Conflict

204. Exploitation

203. Leaving Us

202. Our 5 PEAs

201. Last Album

200. Friendship

199. Breedings

198. Promotions

197. 2 Cousins

196. Jake's Son

195. Erosion Clan

194. Jake Diploti

193. Next Steps

192. A Funeral

191. Destroyed

His Name is Blue

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Now that we had him where we wanted him, I had some mercy. "How about this then? You accept being Susanna's live in boyfriend and I'll give you the whole set?" That set it in stone. His PEP designation was 08752. He did not have a regular human name. He had lived on the streets his whole existence. Susanna said "Don't worry. I'll call you Blue then. Your eyes are my favorite part of you anyway." It was basically a pet name. Blue did not have any complaints. He was owned now. Blue wanted to get his sexual upgrade right away. I winced. "Let's give that a couple weeks. You don't have to worry. This is the real deal. You'll be blowing your load like a virgin teenager once its in. Let's not give her a bad impression of you while you figure it out." I told him. Blue looked at Susanna. She stepped up and took the upgrade from me. "I don't actually mind watching that." she said. She then looked at the cyborg and held it mockingly. "You're going to need to earn it tonight though." she teased. Blue pulled her in by the waist and kissed her. It was very passionate. "You'll regret this. I want you."

His stunning declaration shocked us all. Susanna just pushed him back a bit and said "Talk is cheap. Wait until we get to our apartment." I quietly handed him half of the blueprints for the X-frame. "As a show of good faith, I'll give you half now and half when you go with them when they leave." I told him. He clung tightly to them. Each piece of the blueprints was a treasure on its own. Having 2 to a full set was extremely golden. He was also going to get his sexual upgrade, another prized treasure, after a single night of fucking a human woman silly. We continued touring the town until the evening. That was when they went to their apartments. Blue and Susanna went to hers together. Rodrick, Emmanuel, Hunter and I shared a very lewd look. We let them go and then went our separate ways. In the morning, we had to bang on the door to get Susanna to answer. She was not answering her phone at all. Blue was the one that opened the door. I looked at him and crossed my arms. I said "Bring Susanna here. I don't give a shit if she's undressed. Rodrick and Emmanuel are her brothers."

Blue shrugged was naked and just shrugged. He was only gone for a minute before he returned with her. Blue was carrying Susanna over princess style. She was still in her pajamas, sleeping. Rodrick and Emmanuel looked her over and then just rolled their eyes. I guessed that "Yeah. She's still sleeping." Rodrick said. Emmanuel went up to her and pinched her nose closed. She jolted awake when she realized she was not getting any oxygen. My opinion of them rose a bit. They might have been young adults, but they were still a close knit family. She was carried like she was light as a feather. Susanna recognized this after looking at her surroundings. "You get some extra points for being able to lift me. I've had some sissy boys that couldn't." she said with a smirk. I asked if Blue was good as a lover. She nodded her head as she got down on her own. Susanna smiled at me and said "You were right about infinite stamina. He took everything I threw at him and then some." Blue rolled his eyes. "She penetrated my ass with her dildos more than she let me penetrate." he complained.

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