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3. The Dimension binoculars

2. An abandoned house with strang

1. The Drafting Board

The D-noculars

on 2024-04-06 11:58:33
Episode last modified by Chompy on 2024-04-06 17:19:27

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Magic SciFi

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The D-noculars

(decided to simplify this a bit)

A curious item that looks like a simple pair of Binoculars, almost like a small toy. Made of shiny silver on the scope, there are some radial dials that rotate the aperture. There are several buttons hinting at some extra features of unknown purpose.

When looked through, they will zoom in to about a maximum range of 200 times. Far larger then its small apparent look. They worked as perfectly normal binoculars however with a very clear view. The lens never got smudgy.

The binoculars treat the world like a video game, easily clipping through any barrier as if a form of X-ray vision when zooming in.

Another button is called the D-switches. When both buttons are pressed on the left and right side of the binoculars a soft blue light glowed around each lens. A person can then view what appeared o be an 'alternate' dimension... a view of the scenary as if from another world. If this was another world, or some strange construction it was hard to say. The device could allow a person to view other 'versions' of the people it was pointed at. The D-noculars have another curious button that is on the ‘trigger’ finger. When pressed, it will attempt to change whatever is being viewed to bring it into ‘local’ reality.

The power source for this device is unknown, though if one were to removal a panel they would find an odd crystal, tethered to a wire acting like a battery. A greenish liquid is inside this crystal, with a slight yellowish edge. How this provides any power or how this crystal works is completely unknown.

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