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4. Epic City

3. try to fix it

2. Just to busty

1. The Future of Gaming

EpIf City

on 2011-06-28 03:55:15

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As I stepped out of my room into epic city, I was hit by the array of smells. As a real person, I never had a good sense of smell. Now, he seemed to have an elves sense of smell. While not as good as a vampires or werewolves, it was much better than a humans. I could smell food stalls in the street, various beings interacting around the town, and, the trash. There was rotting food in the streets, waste lying where people dumped it out of their windows, and animals still lying were they died. The stench was close to unbearable. My hearing and eyesight was also much better. I could understand whispered conversations up to a mile away, could tell horses apart by the echoes of their hooves. I could see things a mile away with extreme detail. I could even see ultraviolet light, which was weird. I turned to shut the door, and saw that my house was made of an extremly wide, short tree. There were similar house in a row with mine. Each had a the owners name (in game) chiseled into the door. The houses continued about a hundred feet before they turned. To my right, the houses became made of silver. No. Not silver. Quicksilver. Of course. Quicksilver, more commonly know as mercury, was the material of choice for vampires. The rows to my left and behind me were made of stone, which could belong to any number of people. In the middle was a small park-like area, with some benches and a few normal trees. There were lots of people there. I remembered that this was the place most players went to find friends and join groups. The only way into this area was through the four holes in the walls, one on each wall, each about five feet wide, that lead out to more, and more extravagant, homes, and eventually into the main city.

I soon spotted Suzzy lounging on one of the benches. Using my elven stealth, I sneaked up behind her without her noticing. Then, with a strength I certainly wouldnt have had as myself, I launched myself over the back of the bench and sat next to her, at the same time saying, "Hiya! Looking for someone?"
She straitened up so fast she looked like a jack-in-the-box. She quickly edged away from me and said, "Ya, my boyfriend."
"He wouldn't be a dashing young man, kind of tall and fairly skinny, who you've been Internet dating for a while know, would he?" I had quickly gotten over the shock of my feminine voice so as to mess with Suzzy.
"The one and only, though now my names Jasmine."
"I wasn't expecting you to be a girl."
"Well I decided to surprise you."
"I am defiantly surprised. So, do you still want to go to the temple, or do you want to try your hand at some monster fighting?"

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