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3. try to fix it

2. Just to busty

1. The Future of Gaming

try to fix it

on 2011-03-21 11:08:25

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I woke up in a very plain room. I was lying on a plain wooden bed with a straw matres and thin blanket. The walls were a light green color. On the opposite wall was a plain wooden door, with a miror hanging next to it. The floor and celing were made of wood. That was it.
I was distracted from the simplicity of my room by he two bulges on my cheast. Not bulges, mountains! I yanked the sheat of me to beter see my mistake. Each breast individualy was as big as my head! The bandana around it was able to cover my nipples and a little skin. I carefully got up and walke over to the mirror. I noticed that my body automaticly shifted into a rythem that caused myhips and breasts to sway. In the mirror, I saw that I even stood like a girl. I had a pretty elvin face and pointed ears, although it was hard to see them with my long hair. I had the leather shorts I had chosen, and long feminine legs. It was hard to see my cheast with the massive breasts, but I hoped to change that. I had the steriotipical elf shoes on my feet.
Now, to fix my breasts. Ifoucused my mind and willed them to shrink. Gradually, they shrunk down to a much more manageable size. I reajusted my bandana, which now covered y breasts completly. I looked down at my feet and noticed my other supplies. I picked up my two swords and slip them into sheaths on my hips. I then picked up my leather shoulder bag and slug in around myneck and let it hang on my left side. Inside were 2 apples, a loaf of bread, 5 gold coins, 10 silver coins, and 20 bronze coins. With every thing in order, I opened my door and entered Epic City.

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