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205. Big Conflict

204. Exploitation

203. Leaving Us

202. Our 5 PEAs

201. Last Album

200. Friendship

199. Breedings

198. Promotions

197. 2 Cousins

196. Jake's Son

195. Erosion Clan

194. Jake Diploti

193. Next Steps

192. A Funeral

191. Destroyed

190. Destruction

189. Selection

188. Evacuation

187. Evidence

186. A Hit List

Making Things More Complicated

avatar on 2024-03-29 00:23:58

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I wondered what they would blow the money on. Obviously, they could improve their clan buildings. Adding labs, dojos and lots of cosmetic changes. They could also get all of their members X-frames. There was also a lot of bribes and other payments you could make. Sonic Clan was already on an aggressive footing towards them. Now that the Erosion Clan had their money, they also could give a good amount of it to Electric Clan. They were also in their region and they could then do a pincer attack. It was something that could work in their favor. It was just Sonic Clan there as the only Researcher faction clan in the western quadrant. To be very honest, I was rooting for them in this conflict. It made me wonder what the government was going to do about this. Clearly, they would not be able to do much in an all out war on the streets. I did not envy them. The western quadrant was a large no man's land for us in Sixteenth Notes Clan. Major Watts did not want me going there to help Sonic Clan because he was not tolerating any peace with their Researcher faction. He was antagonistic.

The government would need to obviously need to call us in to solve that conflict if it got our of control. Tens of billions of credits will be thrown around on both sides. If all of it came to that, we would need to go in. Even though it was Major Watts that was our overseer, our treaty was with the government and military as a whole. Anyone with a rank of major or higher could call us in. Major Watts would not be able to do anything about it. However, being called into the western quadrant to fight would not necessarily be a good thing. We did not want to risk our own clan members for no reason. Paul and Brett might not have something to fear as Devils, but if either of them did anything too suspicious out there, they might get on the Sages' radar. And that was the last thing that we wanted to happen. It would be dangerous and we would have to hold ourselves back for our safety. That was not fun for any of us. It said nothing on the actual conflict that was going on. Hunter would want to help Erosion Clan as his family was there. The rest would want to help Sonic Clan as our former allies.

Really complicated and nasty. The more I thought about it, the more unappealing going to the western quadrant became. We still were waiting on the undercover soldiers to find something out about Cold Clan. Finding the clan building or the transmission hub would be great. Then we could go in and attack them. Otherwise we would all be sitting ducks. I hoped something happened soon. Then again, we were out of commission for the meanwhile. It was the renovations taking place and all the repairs to the clan building. Even though Magnetic Clan was now defunct, they had left a lasting scar on us. If this was some other clan, it would probably be impossible to recover from. The repair costs alone were astronomical. We were also not getting money from the transmission hubs as we were independent. The government grant helped out with renovating the music studio. That was all that it did for us. There was no way they would be caught dead supporting a PEP clan. People would riot in the streets in mutiny if they ever found it out. That was why our fallen had closed casket funerals.

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