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19. Tiffany Meets Them at School

18. The Next Morning

17. Confrontation Avoided

16. Linda Eavesdrops

15. Sarah Fixes Jon's Room

14. Tiffany Confronts Kyla

13. Tiffany's Thoughts

12. Melissa Wanders

11. Aftermaths

10. Leaving the Gym

9. Jon and the Cheerleaders Face

8. In the Gym

7. Jon's Day

6. Karyn "helps" Jon

5. Bumping Into Sarah in the Hall

4. First Period Honors English

3. It's Kyla's House

2. Karyn's Detour

1. You Are What You Wish

Tiffany Meets Them at School

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Tiffany was waiting by Sarah's assigned parking space when the two arrived at school, looking like she was fighting a migraine. "Do you need a Tylenol?" Sarah asked, reaching into her purse for a bottle of medicine that wasn't there.

"No," Tiffany put a finger to her temple, "I'm just concentrating. I figured out who was responsible for..." she gestured towards Jocelynne, who was still seated in the car.

"Who was it?"

"Kyla Leeson," Tiffany scowled. "I have her under a charm, but it will only last as long as I keep my focus on it. I have her waiting in a band practice room. I need you to help me bind her, I can't do it on my own."

A look of determination crossed Sarah's face. If Kyla had done this to Jocelynne, then she certainly deserved to be bound. Sarah blinked. No. If Kyla had threatened the cheer team like this, then they needed to respond. That was the priority. She'd grown to appreciate Jocelynne over the course of yesterday evening, sure, but it wasn't like her to misplace her priorities like that. Team first, always.

"Let's go, then," Sarah nodded.

"Let me help," Jocelynne stepped out of the car, determined to support Sarah.

"No, sweetie," Sarah instinctively cooed. "You don't have any magic, so you don't have any way to defend yourself. Especially if Kyla's already used her magic on you. Go on to class and be a good girl, okay?"

Jocelynne reluctantly obeyed, and Sarah and Tiffany headed in the direction of the band room to bind Kyla.

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